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JoJo Nguyen Mar 28
We can squeeze sage word
from Reagan's dead mouth.
We pull pithy page
from Mao's hollow ear.
We find cryptic gems
from Tzu's strato-***.
If they all ring true
what difference which
hole dig us from them?
JoJo Nguyen Mar 23
Give me liberty
or give me...
what the heck
was all that about?
It was good in effect
and in moment I agreed
but in passing
what the heck
was all that about?
Impassioned flee,
logic remain
and I...
what the heck
was all that about?
context.//post breakup poem
JoJo Nguyen Feb 24
the time she
slips away and i
am desperate
as a cod wiggles
in my hand

This is not it, but if
she were it she'd have
skin as smooth as a new dollar bill
lips painted like a street corner
and proper dark eyes like coffee
on a suburban living room

This is not it, but if
he were it he'd have
shoulders as broad as a Titanic
arms smoked like an oak
razed by wild fires to a fecund
ash that grips our waisted

life is Good
this is not it, but if
it were Deus, it'd live in the sky
above us in a squeaky clean bath
JoJo Nguyen Feb 4
This might be the Real
Transmission Mechanism

The niggerly water
lubricating a Trickle

Greens in Rich hand
gets miserly saved

Yet earned on Poor back
miraculously makes it Rain

Washingtons fall
a few Jacksons scorch
land in lap

Even a Benjamin
swallows Trick Dollar
to **** a positive cash

Bills stick on teats
just enough to buy

a comfort Doritos
bag a Brand name

snack for her little boy
So he'll grow up knowing

What value-added Marketing
taste like.
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2018
(I came into a Stagg Street bathroom.)

There're only two-- the shared one in the hall and in a master bedroom.
Our shared lid was down, and spotted with a yellow accident realized.

(I sopped up the mess, and dropped spilled Toilette Paper into flushing water.)

Why is there a Vietnamese renter sitting in the bathtub?
Was he trying to crap in the tub?
We talked and he said the toilet was stuffed, but it wasn't.

Ta Ree's bathroom looks out onto the pool.

(I shut the bathroom door and locked it with that weird turning lock, and looked at the pool, another inside room.)

(I see a slender hand.)

We adjusted our dreaming angle, and it turned into a young Ta Ree.
She had on a remote face, already detached from us.
Under slumber's possible tendrils, a small smile appeared on her face, connecting my Inside with our outside.

(I laughed; She was still with us.)
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2018
I am the eggman
you are the spoon man
we are the Walrus.
Earthly pluripotent garden
with shark attacks

I am the shallow water
you are the whitewater
we are the Foam
Heavenly layers differentiating
with each successive Wave

I am the Brand
you are the religion
we are the Cortex
Solar same same but different
Inside Out development
Mashing streams. LH.Chryssa+me
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