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JoJo Nguyen Aug 8
August begins
on a cool breeze
rustling Magdeburg leaves.
Scattered heatwaves
heal beating days
but now back to the stir,
future unknown,
braving it alone
ironically with you.
I wrote this in 2012
JoJo Nguyen Mar 24
The Card Deck exists
like a first probabilistic
dimension of our

A priori we know
the deck is stacked
King and Queen -winners
even Jacks with horses are

And Aces?

Our high flyer fishermen
Our David heroes who take on
too much risk
not knowing not caring
of Black Swans
of Cold Snaps
and Power Grid
Price gouging surge

They will always bring
home a win fall
Fishes or Death


A sleeping
A shuffle of coils
A ghost in the shell
lingering at the bottom
of our ocean cloud
waiting for Aragorn's
summon a Call to Duty
a cry to battle one
last time brutish twitter trolls
and hordes of pundit orcs
them & Us ghost processes
finally released back
to our collective


Since the Garden
and foaming waves
twos have been losers

still. Double deuces
ain't bad looking at a polluted
River with mix Numbered plastics:
7, 3, 5 and standing styrofoam


You and me we play
with Poisson's hand
the Right embraces
a lover's heat
the Left wiggles
from a child's energy
and the Center holds
our grandmothers together

A new dimensional
alt Left strikes
with father's hammer
while novel ancient alt Right
pays from mother's purse

With what frequency
do these hands
give us Chance?

The cards are known to Us
but the unordered shuffles give
surprising Turns
extending our
Game into unobservable
Realms where we
are all in
JoJo Nguyen Jan 31
In dreams I've met
never remembering her
face but knowing I'm in

love I ask if she
made the omelette well if she
did I'm gonna eat it turning
to give her
a kiss

In long dream
worlds we build our
memories of places in

people old novel and
new well if we always come
back to a middle space linking
me and she it's
our house

people and places linked instances
of class and coordinates
(x,y,z,t, and our
shared d dream

My love I've met
many times at (t and d) never
remembering her

face but knowing I'm in
love I ask why she
cooks in my dream she
turns to leave me
a wake
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2020
Here come we
as perfect a baby

Button nosed
and dimpled cheek
shrieking nights
and babbling morns

A handsome son
A beautiful daughter


We become misfits
design by Evolution
or Grace
to take too much risk
with each other

Nose ringed
and potted face
acned ambivalence
and strident justice

We come together
in holy matrimony
to find outsized
reward randomly binds
only a few in rarified

The languid eternity
of a few
nasty brutish and sharp

We leave her
We leave him
Here stay we
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2020
A Song for L Cohen

It's fun when praise is done. It's cold and razed when broken. Hallelujah. She rejoices in Jerusalem dress, gathers her Israeli hemmed forces; She's not seen the sun shine.

She paunches Markiplier the gamer and hears his night cries. Maybe her star numbers call us by name, courting with love, but all we've learned is how to quick draw ya.

Our proud Mother, her endless Voice, and every Hallelujah was breath drawing to shoot. We humbly exterminate the casted people, thrusting evil doves into us. A singing Harp in cheer. Hallelujah. Remember how we rhythmically move in us?

She hides in clouds, prepares a mountain with tear sprinkles and told me still when to till her verdant knoll. She feeds the caged bird and hears little crow howls cold and broken. Hallelujah. She rides the bucking horse; is not satisfied with a man's leg, and knows not victory in love's march.

We fear, hope, and grant merciful praises but live alone with a marbled Zion flag. Hallelujah! A high room walked with blessed Rapunzel. Baked peace, wants, and the best wheat on our lips.

She orders fast takeout, brokers deals, and cuts Samson's goldilocks, all from a mainland kitchen chair. She weaves snow wool from the falling ash, baths in moonlight and glows tawny from quickdraw fire. She weatherproofs our faith with winter's bite. And sends fourth, preaches fifth, exhales minor and lifts major -- A baffled Queen commanding.

She and Jacob wages in jurisprudence but we can't pay the music bills, can we? She did no one but keeps a secret progression that leads to Lehman's judgement. Hallelujah.
JoJo Nguyen May 2020
bell rhymes with hell
from where Gay Chaps

and every time a bell
chimes another back
ground Daemon gets her

how do I reduce
the dimensionality
of our Minds, the
minor Mirror of our Gods?

as wax melt
round a burning Blackhole,
effluvium seeds up

while we observe
only Brownian
specks ejected orthogonally
back down our Spacetime
I was inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks ...
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2020
In angular moment
my Habit resists
his strong effect

a Strange muon
positively trying my
ungodly K hole

Nun shall pass
save the Charmed
and evil Mr.

B gas lighting
my safe Zyklon
moment He's

no Mr Darby
come strolling down
a dusty Holocaust

lane My weak
Forces atop Space
and Witch Mountain

fluctuate between his
goofy Disney village
and Strong atomic

world It's a
small one after
all I suppose

Sunshine stains my
****** hijab with
spotless and lazy

after Thoughts like
white umami pudding
delivered free by

familial ghosts Each
birthing pack crying
parables of Pain

Each warming quantal
offering us happiness
for changing Time

Delta girls under
smooth curves find
Calculus without spin
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