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JoJo Nguyen Nov 18
Hello people from the past--
Collected like dental
implanted detritus

We're all trash people
People who bathe
in plastic *******

Hello people of future past--
dark matter matted hair
clogging a collective

We're all family
it matters
what's the matter?
doesn't matter

Hello people of past future --
We weakly interact
a Force fielding questions
prompting action

How else are we
to interact with
the Light?
The word that has been sanitized as ******* is rub concatenated with bish.
JoJo Nguyen Oct 22
Our world shudders
with network


But we few
In our Happy Sweet bubble
gunn Barbie Life

We Live on

The revolution

will Be televised
in faded Technicolor
In spirited
Super star Life

We Wake in

boxed in
In a box Garden

We Heirlooms to

the Revolution
JoJo Nguyen Oct 15
Come with me

The fellowship is broken
Heros have died
The twin towers
Lay in ash

Frodo and me; Me and Smeagol.
You me and Amon Amarth

Doom or fate
Fate or doom

Doomed fate
or Fated doom?

"Still, the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves"

Ourselves free
Still there is a cost
Still we are guarded

Stilgar the Freman

Fear is the mind-killer
JoJo Nguyen Oct 8
Single egg
To be single and free
Singular egg
To be the only source
Insular egg
Sourced from Aliens
Insipient egg
Foolishly taken
Sapient egg
To be graciously given
Sentient egg
To be in a blue cocoon
JoJo Nguyen Sep 16
And here we are Sunday
Fun day
Din Tai Fung day
Follow me
follow Us
Me trust
means mistrust?
We rust
Iron oxides
trust me
reveals the blond
greying to white
JoJo Nguyen Sep 12
May we all break the
chains to
escape to
metastasize to
other cities to
the Brains in
the plains there
the free-range
people roam still

And yet, and yet when
the Body Forms we
few Buffalo soldiers will
be rejected, casted
out as cancer

Rightly so

Bless your heart Gal
Gadot for being such
a horrible Spy

We can leave
Toxic Masculinity
with Ian
JoJo Nguyen Aug 27
No war here
no famine
nor pestilence
And yet and yet

Heard poets last light
Shedding hearts
At the center-- Los Angeles
where the D line smells but
the A line is fresh clean but
not going to Harlem

We go to Lil Tokyo
new instead
Like a Lil Boy
Or like how a Fat Man
empties a plate

Like skin regenerating
in a dish instead
of scarring
like melanin'd flesh

A new skein
An Avatar
With white voice
And black bodies
Got to listen to some poets night - DTLA
Bridgette Bianca
Conney Williams
Nailah Porter
David Judah 1
Shonda Buchanan

They inspired.
This poem.
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