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Creep Dec 2014
Thank you everyone for an amazing year, to all my followers, friends, and fellow poets/poetess! You guys are all real poets to the core, and just awesome overall. You have always made my day, and gave me something to look forward to after every tiring and shtty day. So this is my thank you so very much to all you fckin sympa, incredible, and marvelous colleagues! All you're words mean a lot and have helped me everyday.

Thank You!



Do je!














Terima Kasih!


Domo, Arigató!

Kamsa hamnida!



Xie xie!










Khop Khun Krab!

Cam on!



A (shaynem) dank!

Maita Henyu!

those all mean thank you^^ sorry if they aren't exact translations. comment below for corrections ^^" but srsly, thank you, you guys. *hugs* you guys mean a lot to me :D MERRY F-ING CHRISTMAS!!
-creep ;)

we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas
we wish you a merry christmas!
and a happy new year! ;*
brandon nagley Apr 2016
Je vous remercie, for pulling me out of the pit.
dhanyavaad, for bringing a glimpse of idyll, with all the laugh's, comforting; thrill's. Gracias, for lending me thy palm's, in rough wind's and calm, to thee I knoweth I do belong. Dankie, for giving me shelter from the rain, wiping away my red spilt stain's, giving me liberty to be me again.

Faleminderit, thee I shan't forget, for its thee who hath payed mine rent, by thy sacrifice and affections. Āmeseginalehu, Jane of Asia, pearl of truth, i reside in thee, as thou me; mine poetic muse. Shukraan, mine unending dawn, mine burning sun, whom cometh from God; blazing lamp of the gates of heaven. Shnorhakalut’yun, ourn flesh of old, together doth know, in creation's show; tis we art one. Təşəkkür edirəm, star of the cosmos, Reyna: best friend.

Eskerrik asko, mine wholeness and whole, the actress of angelic shows, always smiling for hostly camera's. Dziakuj, illustrious calligraphist, bringer of kisses to mine Lip's, empress from head to toe, touch of bliss. Dhan'yabāda, amongst the cherubic Armada's, protecting me, gardenia breeze. Diolch, mine lass, in future I'm waiting, for we shalt forget ourn past; to embrace and engulf into another's gaze.

Salamat mine braud sharat, by patience and many nap's, I slumbereth mine sight's to awaketh to thee. Xièxiè honey bee, treasure trove of godly sweet's, in the air aloft we'll greet; Chandelier's of marble we shalt sparkle. Mahalo, daughter of halo, ethreal's own, tuning veil, lift up thine brows, accept mine mail, for it shalt be sealed and packaged by the crimson of mine heart.

Mèsi, for edifying me, teaching me nuance, and many way's to perceive; in thee I believe, O' in thee there's glee, of a woman not of this burning ***. Gomabseubnida the one I've awaited, the one I hath never forgot. Efcharistó, mine darling of island's view, mine Filipino perfection, chocolate eyed stew, of all that's grand in a world of departed riches. Toda, mine far-flung gaiety, the part of me I seeketh to meet, the part of me I yearn thy beat; Savlanout, Savlanout Jane sardua, Savlanout, Filipino rose.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou) dedication
All the weird foreign words starting out sentences all mean thank you in different languages....
Idyll- an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene,.
Hath- has.
Shant- shall not.
Braud sharat- is a word I created + it means ( bursting beauty)
Savlanout- means patience in Hebrew....
Mahalo fellow poets....
I've come from
centuries away
to thank you all and
let you know
there's no Bible
in our day.

Our most sacred text
is based on these....
the poetry of yesterday.

The more you write
the better we become
by reading truth, not lies
that leave us
numb and dumb.

So I'm begging all of you
don't ever stop....
pour it out til the last drop.
It will become nutrition
in years to come as
poetry becomes our
biggest crop.
Ben Estrada Sep 2018
Thank you plastic flowers hanging off my chest
for showing me just how much I'm truly blessed
A few small pedals and piece of string
could so much joy to the moment bring
As I listen to ukuleles play
I thank above for the awesome day
and though I may not surf the waves
a path to hope this luau paves
As the night draws nigh the stars will say
Aloha 'ohana and mahalo lei

Katie Mora May 2011
And then there was orange, glinting in a pile
from the ground outside my second story window.
I sit and count the scattered papers on my
bedroom floor, thinking, "Maybe someday the
past and present will meet," though I know full-well
that they already have.
Now it is twofold, it is insult to injury, it is
twenty seven eleven.

We are lies, aren't we? We are thankful for
the unknown. My father sips scotch and devours the
truth. I catch my connecting flight and travel back
in time. The man in the blue coat is replaced by
the man in the black hat, the man with the feather
hat, and the man with naught but war paint.
It is like the movies, I decide. I settle on a log bench
and read the classifieds in the newspaper.

Mother and father tell me to count my blessings
as if they are sheep. I tell them that their analogy
is flawed. Morning comes and I tie a string around
my ring finger, proclaiming, "I am here to collect
thanks! Bring out your wish lists and your tattered
diaries!" I am a liar; I am thankful for nothing but
sickness and ink. I write "twenty seven eleven"
three hundred times and vow to make a difference.
I fill my car and my fridge and roller blade up
the mountain, chanting, "Noa! Noa! 'Oia'i'o! A'ole
mahalo nui!" My cries go unheard and I sulk
back down, a landslide for the ages.

I begin to write poetry that oozes pretension and
reflects obsession. I try to pronounce the disease
and instead find myself bound to a table crushed by
feast and fear. I have written "twenty seven eleven"
on my forehead and am forced to listen to the "Lord"s
and "grateful"s and "God"s and I have had enough.

I break free and head for reason.
more old poetry, this time from 2009
the hawaiian in stanza 3 translates to "freedom! freedom! truth! no thank you!"
Star BG Aug 2017
A simple word
a gesture with smile
opens ears and hearts
no matter where you roam.

Efharisto, Toh-dah, Mahalo, Takk, gamsahabnida
Spasiba,  Khop Khun Mak Kha ,Danke sehr
daw-dyeh, Arigato, Grazie, Merci Gracias
Thank you

A simple phase
a voice that echoes
Try one on for size.
One size fits all.

Greek– Hebrew– Hawaiian– Icelandic– Korean– Russian– Thai– 
German– Chinese– Japanese– Italian–French– Spanish– English–
Blessings all.  Thank you all for being here and for lighting up world with your work.

— The End —