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Nov 2019
Lets pretend we are happy.
The golden sun rays are bouncing off the sidewalks
the children are playing hopscotch on those side walks,
carrying red balloons in their laughter and brightly coloured rainbows are painted across their faces.
Lets pretend the weather isn't changing.
lets pretend it isn't raining
lets pretend, the cold raindrops are not seeping into the cracks in the sidewalks and the hooded men, are just passing by..

lets pretend that seasons change
and the cold glances I get from the neighbours barred windows are only temporary

lets pretend that babies are not born everyday

lets pretend the do not have to carve themselves out into a world full of wishful thinking
and the amount of sun in their skin
determines their fortune

lets pretend we arnt the ones carving that future into them

lets pretend that bodies dont walk for miles and miles bounded in chains

lets pretend bodies were not trained to be targets for dogs

lets pretend bodies don't hang, bodies don't float bodies
don't die in vain

lets pretend its all forgotten
no stories told
no lessons learnt
just a casual poem.
poem is about the cycle of humanity, the beauty of human connections, the darkness that connection brings as well as a lot of contradictions about the world that we are raised to believe is ours and yet..really its just history repeating itself.. Enjoy
Written by
Lolo Skai
   Bogdan Dragos
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