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Apr 2015
lets talk about books
lets talk about hushed confessions and secret
ridden metaphors and scandalous similes
lets talk about that book you bought me,
and it's heavily messaged paragraphs and obviously
coded phrases, lets talk about how you had all
but highlighted every single part that
applied to *us
as if we could be compared
to a fictional world filled with teenage angst and the
false naivety that lies between the words
happily ever after
lets talk about how i didn't need that book because
the story of us was already written with discreet
winks and inside jokes and phrases that nobody else
will be able to understand, lets talk about how i don't need
to compare you the ocean or the sun or a tsunami
lets talk about how you never had to tell me i was
beautiful like a pearl or how i was as meaningful to you as air
because at the end of the day,
the i love you's i'd tell you mean all of that and i like
to think yours did too
instead of talking about books, lets talk about your soul filled laugh
and the teacher's terrible glare
lets talk about hate and jealousy and how i had felt when you told
me to leave
lets talk about anger and sadness and him and her lets talk about
happiness and how butterflies still fly to my stomach every time you
say my name

lets talk about us.

heather leather
Written by
heather leather  17/F/wonderland.
   --- and blue
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