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Apr 2020
Lets change the angle...
The seeds of society
Are rooted deep within the soil of our perception
From there germinates the fruits of stereotypes
Building bondages around your dreams in its every bite.
With a vision to foresee and growing science and technology
We cover our far sighted vision with a pair of glasses
Which do not render you with a clear vision but instead turns you blind....
It turns you blind to every **** growing in your mind
It turns you blind to all those sufferers who being victims are still criticized
So, why not we being intellectuals
Tilt our head a little and change the angle
And let's see the world with a new sight
A sight that is free of blurred vision
Which no more needs to eat those fruits of stereotypes
A sight that is fairer, unbiased, and no more waters those catastrophic seeds.
Lets change the angle and neither see a women shy and weak
And a man violent and devastating
But lets see both of them as sons and daughters of almighty
Meant for spreading love and affection in the society.
Lets not title them as mummas boy and not too macho mans
But just as humans
With a pair of eyes, a mouth, limbs and a heart which is yet beating within longing for a tight hug.
Lets forget all those concepts of man chauvinism and feminism
Lets change the angle and build up a concept of belongingness and compassion.
Let them not be just bodies carrying privileges of ***** and insecurities of a ******
But just let them be souls
Dwelling in the nature, blooming like flowers, flying like a bird, ready to shower their emotions like a heavy cloud.
Lets not mark the foetus in a mother's womb
Boy or girl, male or female, gay or trans
But just as elements of art
Unveiling their beauty in their every little bit like a star.
Lets not symbolise our men as mountains
And our women as diamonds
Let that mountain shedding his tears in a waterfall
Be as pleasurable to you as it is being covered with snow, cold and numb
Let that raw piece of coal black with soot be as beautiful to you as it is being a shining diamond.
Let's not just build political or religious relations
But lets build relations between hearts pouring down love,between the shimmer in the eyes, between the two smiles,between all of us between the moon and the sun, between the sky and the earth.
Lets not divide these seven colors in pink or blue
But lets mix them up and set them free to paint the vacant sky
Lets not draw the irrational lines of division in a garden where there are flowers and even weeds which blooms in their own way.
Lets not victimise the wings of dreams with the expectation of society.
But lets just tilt our heads a little, change the angle and sow the seeds of compassion in a world where there are no boundaries of religion, caste or gender.
But just human fulfilling the needs of their humanity.
Written by
Khushi  17/F/India
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