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Andrew Rueter  Jun 2017
Andrew Rueter Jun 2017
The door to your heart is a horrifying puzzle
Your Jigsaw pattern I can't put together
The pieces I hold don't correspond
So I take parts from you
Which is making me Leatherface
And giving you a flatter taste
And the ****** chain I saw placed
Was pressed to your door with haste

You're a killer doll like Chucky
How could I have been so unlucky?
I can't even cut through your curtains
I become a cold corpse before the movie can start
Like a careless Jamie Lee Curtis
How long can such a curted courtship last?
Before I contrive the courage to crush
The Killer Croc in your rib cage
But the corrosive corrections officer
That is your puzzle piece door
Impedes all progress to your horror heart
Because the improper placement of pieces
Will make me think you're The Witch
When you tell me Don't Breathe

As my theater's lights dim
I scramble for an exit
But my only escape from the cinema is through your door
I grow cynically situated to the pitch black pictures
How could I expect to solve the riddle
Now that I need to?
Doors that can't be opened are walls
Speaking softly turns to brawls
As your pieces scattered like change
Your door completely wrapped in chains
I feel stupid and ashamed
Your puzzled movie's to blame
King Tutankhamun Dec 2015
Yea its mr leatherface
Puttin' fools back into place
Where they belong
Let the bells ring and hell sing
****** mo
Comin' to all my foes never been a **
Only roll with the show
Im talkin' guns galore and much gore
Jackin' my shot gun
To give out more
Aint no blessin' when thugs ride testin'
Puttin' these fools to shame
When i ignite my flame
Bless the 40oz ya see me puffin'
Them green leaves
But if im POD'd dont push me
Ya might bring out the killer in me
Stay strapped Eazy believe me
I know ya aint dead
Just in another dimension need i mention
For the game you done shined on me
Killers wanna be us
But dont know ****** mo been
Rolling with us
Since ninety four *******
Givin' up for them foos stalkin' gats n takin' bats
Bomb mr police from his back
Yall dont wanna jump or else get stomped
On like a roach waitin' for Satan
OUIJA cursed me since played the game
Me never no surrender
Killer drug dealer cap pealer the realer
The pain the mo energy feeds my brain
Uh im spawn hittin ya with the necroplasm
Glowin' from my eyes no saprize
Catch the tequila sunrise
Then i camouflage
Cuz a nigguh on the run with my shot gun
Blast up in yo assputtin'
All specs on they *** quick as the flash
Bomb cant dodge that bullet that hitcha
Mr ripsta linked the mad instka
Pen and my pad aint ******* ****
We live by it
The sword that is n if you got grown kids
Betta watch yyo step as the lord preps
My order quick to slaughter
Those who aint down soon to drown
With this **** sound
And even if ya doubt my skill
Ill come back harder slam ya
Like O neal and with that Heat
It'll make ya feel
Dumb numb o **** that fool don't wont none
Drenchin' in sweat
Because yo *** finna cash out
Roll with St Clair so dont dare
Try to come between my cash fiend
Endin' all dreams
Like ****** scene ill make ya scream
N tell the devil i said hi
And tell em he's next
Jackin' all demons in guise
****** warrior so who wanna plex?
Andrew Rueter Oct 31
Last night I was chased by Leatherface again.
Am I liable for copyright infringement in my dreams?
That would be a nightmare
which I’ve gotten used to
coming back around like the blades of a
******* tool misappropriated as a weapon
reminding me I’m safest when turned off
yet being idle means trouble
because that leads to getting revved up
which is fatal
after the faceless killer takes pieces from me
reveling in my pain
while hiding behind a newly found face
from the next victim of the spree
connected to the chain I saw
which was just one link soon to be forgotten
in favor of the next night’s nightmare.
King Tutankhamun May 2018
Yo my rap flow leave lines chalked like ****** marked hunt like a hawk could make a ant bark from the spark
Of my thought mind brought into the universe make words hurts through every verse always first bloodthirst
More than Vampire eatin' flesh is my desire through the bars of fire suckas retire life expire
Once I set the destination enter into the abomination leaving situations
******' like the United Nations slashin' bodies like Jason double dimensions tastin' from the axe bladin'
Ya whole anatomy who badder then me? It's the lyrical leatherface keep the sickles laced
In blood then wide the crud off
Cuz of ya brain residue fallin' off back to the loft
Beat the ***** til my **** soft rough and rugged **** it sip hennessey and blunts forever pullin' stunts make hataz jump
Around from the gun sounds they love to clown leavin' ya to drown
On ya esophagus cuz I'm quick to bust throw ya body in cracked sarcophagus

I rock grey skulls sippin' red bulls keep blades unda the wools packin' tools to fools who don't know the rules
Check ya boundaries or see the cemetery critics worry while I bury more threes than Curry my guns in flurry but never hurry
Deaths takes a slow toll as ya roll up **** creek and ya body starts to reek sleep
Say goodnight to the mic killed ya might
Non could fight the ***' an no biting nice with the writing brain cells fighting hyping
Me up to some wicked **** reigned from the pits of holy Grail though I sail
On mystery waves make tracks untraceable like Bermuda hit the Buddha flows to boost tha
Energy rhymes Kennedy head shot with no red dot carefully planned plots
Jesuit keep it hot with the Glocks that rock
Harder than tapes of Elvis breakin' pelvis
Hang with my spiritual elders shelter
My caged thoughts from moon lights stalked
Over my sunshine darkness verses light
Wickedness verses right zoomin' for sight
Upclose and personal we got me ammo than the Panthers Sixties so glow feel my heat beaming soon to be steaming
Alicia Nov 2018
fishnet qualities
only giving a **** about *******
always plucking skin from my teeth
sewing them together
my leatherface trophy for happiness
a mask worn, disguised as lust driven love
unknowing victims
cutting their own hearts out for me
a symbol for the empty cage, the broken door, the night mine walked right out of my chest
not stolen, or given, just tired and ready to leave
I let it go, without a goodbye
put on my fishnets
and welcomed lust for dinner
& we back
Dream Fisher  Oct 2019
Dream Fisher Oct 2019
I sleep like I'm living on Elm St,
Changed my last name from Maroni to Myers
Now Michael is looking to **** me.
Ended up running from Leatherface
Put to a ****** Doo kind of chase,
No matter how hard I tried,
He wouldn't stop until he tanned my hide.

I sold a prop from Twilight Zone,
To a Hannibal, hungry clone
Who was looking to "serve man"
He learned julienne clipper cuts
From a guy with scissors for hands.
Then cooked the flesh in a pastry dish
Into the oven each person would slide
"Come and try Mrs. Lovett's meat pies!"
The business would rise as they all got in line.

I sat down for tea with Pamela,
She said her son Jason's a mess
That was Thursday, the twelfth,
I haven't heard from her since.
But if I was that parent,
I would teach my child to swim.
I took some forget-me-knots
Mixed them together with frog's breath,
Said the word "hopscotch"
And returned to the dead.
Heaven is an Eye atop a triangle
embossed along panes of stained glass
in a burst of color and
embedded on a transom above
an arrangement of young Amish girls -
one of them flipping me the bird.
white bonnets shining inside the dark street
and red reflections of the night.

God is in a mirror
reflected across one thousand other mirrors
held by a single hand and adjusted thereby
so that the light would be refracted through
a bent corridor in time
bending and extending through
far away dimensions that
i don't even know about.

Beauty lies in the 6 skinny trees
i water on the fifth day
drinking coffee when i see
one thousand rose petals drying
like the shores of the salton sea
and the six trees like a
hexagram of six dragons
like Heaven over Heaven in the sky.

one time I saw this image in my mind
when i closed my eyes
a vision of fire shaped like a phoenix
burned across the red horizon of my mind.
beyond the black behind the lids of my eyes
there is a red horizon over inner city desserts,
bird beaks buried in the sand.

I must honor the body’s lived experience
yet not give it any credence over Spirit.
its like i was being taken over and consumed
by a Greater Being.
it pressed all my memories up against hard glass.
different angles through extra spectrums -
it was raining hard prisms
It was like laser beams everywhere.
like heaven over heaven in the sky.

I was ripping off layers like a nest
of ten rattlesnakes tangled up in braided rope.
now there are magnets that float around inside my head.
there are times i don’t know if I’m doing the thinking - or the listening -
or whose doing the talking but
there are magnets floating in my cerebral spinal fluid
and they are electric and they are on fire.
and if i only had binoculars I could see the singularity,
the gift of eternal life at the eschaton.

Heaven is the wind that lifts me up by the insides.
i  relax so deeply into the present sometimes
i forget to breathe -
were it not for the magnets in my spine
pulling me toward the singularity and
the eschaton and the Bright Lights.

there are such amazing playlists on spotify
artists and genres i’ve never even heard of.
thank God someone figured out what
these emotions sound like.
benedictions in southern pennsylvania
on the JBL charge 4
and i think i’m starting to accept
that life is a baptism by electric fire.

Glory be to God in the highest for
sending me His messenger
winging words made of silver helix
strands of vibrating concept complexes
so the mercury can bring the sulfur to the salt.

I throw my head back and laugh like a junkyard dog.
i’ve been searching for the philosopher’s stone for years!
i just called the search by other names
and searched for it where i thought it was to be found,
where they told me it would be:
court street and MLK blvd, Newark, NJ,
trap house, Grant St, Hazelton, PA,
the American Club, red light district, Agana, Guam.
somewhere in the Pacific or a fist full of wax bags
from my partner ****’ down pembroke outisede bethlehem, PA
and a ten pack of clean B and Ds, small gauge,
waiting for me on his kitchen table.
Heaven over Heaven in the sky.

I checked my phone over three hundred times today.
mostly this is a wretched habit of unconscious hand but
quite often the Everywhere Spirit gives me personalized
messages of experience via all the “woke” social media handles.
there is a fire inside my heart and it burns me from the inside.
sometimes it opens so wide you can fit the whole world in there
and not lose any elbow room.
and the magnets carry me to the tallest pedestal in the
sky where everyone can hear and
i tell them everything is going to be ok.
i’ve seen the bad path and i’ve walked it
and God placed magnets in my blood and
i made it back alive and all the church bells are ringing.

the Holy Ghosts of our ancestors rejoice for the
cutting of the silver chords so they can
all fly away home to heaven.
and through the cemeteries that lost their church bells with the churches
i walk with bells in my hands and i ring them so
that all the ghosts can go home.

we had a heart opener one night.
we all sat around the floor and opened our hearts for each other.
they opened so wide that it rained electric fire to
where everyone could see it and that makes
for a good memory.
but nothing is as it seems,
nor is it otherwise
and my heart can suddenly slam closed like
the cellar door of leatherface’s texas prairie
subterranean basement lair.
and i’ve been there before
but the fire in my heart shines upon the faces
of the all devil’s dark armada
and they don’t scare me anymore,
such is the brilliance of the flame,
and such is the pull of the magnets god placed inside my blood.

its been more than ten winters since court street, newark.
but to this day i think sometimes about
that frozen cat lying by the curb.
stiff from all the jersey winter night prowlin
freezing up it’s blood.
my heart was closed that day,
hiding all my fire.
but if I saw that cat today, why…
i would open my heart so wide that
winter would be no more and
all the frozen hearts of our fathers and our mothers
would burst wide with such love that
the Earth would tremble and all the
neutron stars would shoot across the
red horizons of our minds
and the light of heaven would be
reflected in the mirrors of our eyes.
and this light would be so bright that
all the archangels and the devas would
be out of a job.

God is in the pinprick of light
fastened to the back of the
long tunnels of my eyes.
God is in the space after the release
of my attachment to the opinions others hold of me
God is in the street light shining on an
amish girl flipping me the bird.

By: Jordan Gee
those who to Earth from Heaven came.

— The End —