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Sarvesh Thakkar Oct 2015
Past! Oh Past!
Memories bounded that ever last
All together crowded moved all   the way
To the present where I stay.

Many Moments fills my heart with sorrow,
What I did yesterday wasn’t fair for tomorrow.

Still that blunders makes me low, tears flow
Frustrations that spark, lost in loneliness
With heavy heart where all seems to be darkly dark.

At times one thought strikes
Nonetheless now time have moved all long
Still I ponder what made me do so wrong
That broke someone’s heart
Really a red card for my life begin
Now I can too feel, wasn’t it like bee’s sting?

Though I got repentance
Also experienced an instance
But can God give me exchange to
Cover all the blobs I made
Could it fade with that ease?

Past! Oh Past!!
Not in size in a kind
It makes my mind ponder for while
Whether to realize or blame at you
Should I cry or start a beginning new?

Oh Lord, please help me now
To take a fresh now
To live life with meaningful existence
Make my today a good instance
Past! Oh Past!!
Sorry to make you weep
Promise now to sow seed
One day would be a huge tree with sweet fruits
Positive aura covered by its long roots

Once again I’ll call you
& recall what I did
That time won’t make you weak filled with guilt.

Past! Oh Past!
Let’s meet sooner again
For while I will busy with life game
Checking that it I don’t reiterate the mistakes same
Got  to know, lessons have to be learnt, not to blame
Fight with challenges clearing future; promise me, you  always guide me as a teacher
  Sep 2015 Sarvesh Thakkar
It is 2am
my mind is still on you
picturing my hands doing the same
the scent of your perfume still lingers
my hands reminiscing over your frame
the taste of your mouth still lingers on my breathe
the moment may have passed but the thoughts haven't left
  Sep 2015 Sarvesh Thakkar
Showing me,
parts of you,
no one else can see.
Through poetry,
these words express
my heart literally.
Sarvesh Thakkar Sep 2015
Knowledge   is   power

                                                          ­          - Sarvesh Thakkar

Do you know what knowledge holds?

Knowledge is a power

Which has a huge range tower!!

Knowledge is a wine

This makes you shine!!

It’s very rapturous!!

To have it is courageous..

Endless, Eternal, everlasting the knowledge is!!

A mentor who charges you no fees…

All these facts are very true

But the right knowledge is holded by very few!!

Get it, grab it in a right way..

Use it ; impart it in a wise way!!

Knowledge is everything!!

Learning is interesting…

Collect from everywhere

To have it is very fair..

Knowledge is a power!!

This is wisdom shower…

Knowledge is what cannot be sold

That’s all the knowledge holds!!!
Sarvesh Thakkar Sep 2015
i miss the enjoyment with cousins
the family time and mastis
every memory has its own instance,
feels very empty and lone
without them at a times,
when we hanged out in the streets
and that delicious medicine treats
it  was good time,that always shine in my mind
memories every last,recalls past
#masti  #memories
Sarvesh Thakkar Sep 2015
Hey sister with love
Wish you this day all above
The bonds present on this earth
God is great; we are brother sister in this birth

Hey sister with love
Wish you this day of wonderful bond that,
Binds us and makes our attachment strong,
Realizes my duty first to protect you ever,
To be with you forever & lose you never
Next, to support you at times of joy and sorrow
Help you at any moment now or tomorrow.

Hey sister with love,
I want you to be with me,
To make this bond eternal &everlasting;
Would u agree with me that it won’t be at all contrasting?
This day we may not be together, it doesn’t matter
Whatever the reason may be, we couldn’t gather
Rather make this celebration non-materialistic
Beautiful in its own way, uniquely fantastic

Though we fight or argue   for while
Let’s make our relations as long as Nile

I know that at moment I am insane
Promise you that it won’t be same,

I Pray to God that we always be one
Let’s enjoy this carnival with lots of fun
Hey sister with love, Happy Raksha  Bandhan.
Sarvesh Thakkar Sep 2015
I wait for this time
And recall from chime
From mind of mine, the festival of kites

I eager for this celebration with   lots of   affection.
Unusual excitement and never-ending fascination

When I see in  the sky through my eyes
The beautiful kites, floating in air with the great pride

I wish to fly very- very
The kites flying in the day light
And fire-lanterns moving from the terrace at night

I sit on chair and stare very high
With lots of fun and the charming air

Fire-Lanterns moving like twinkling star
Going very fast and very far,
In the sky of city, making marvelous beauty…

The delicious undhiyu and the  ladoos so sweet
Savor on that day with friends I meet.
The excited, voracious, sporty people in the Surat city
Enjoy this carnival leaving their duty

On the festival of kites
Take oath in mind
Have a strong ambition with positive sight

I wish this festival never ends
And the precious moments with my friends…
I wish I come back in city of Surat

I wait for this time
And recall from chime
From mind of mine, the festival of kites
My Experience in Surat City

— The End —