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Oct 6 · 183
Just Another Ashtray
badtaste Oct 6
I don't want to be the cigarette in your coat pocket
Just so you can take me out and use me
And after the high put me out and end my light -sprawled naked across my bed-just to say
"I wish we didn't do that..."

Filling me with such regret
We treat each other like an ashtray, dumping our problems onto one another making an **** mess staining the sheets... Thank you Clever your poetry is always inspiring and I owe this work to you (just to clarify this isn't about me and clever lol the way I wrote it was based upon her voice)
Sep 14 · 49
blank lullaby
badtaste Sep 14
Ignorance and innocence were introduced with gleeful and *** intentions
Spring sprung with curious conversations
Summer was ever warmer with lovely everlasting memories
In fall they fell for one another
Slept through winter in each other’s arms
However when the red moon-gloomed of change
They parted paths and forgot each other’s names
Based on my breakup in a poets words...
Aug 24 · 71
already out-the-door
badtaste Aug 24
hello ***
you seemed to not have noticed
me dressed in your favorite clothes
slummed to the floor like a pile of wastefulness.
you seemed to loss your patience
when looking at a piece of plastic glass
with a half-guessed assumption
of me and her
loving life together.
is what I'll sing every-time to my new lover
when she won't be a nosy noisy
never ending story of the same heartbreak
broken on a loop of another thief who stole
and would take your "innocence".
don't forget this
this is what you wanted...
Aug 22 · 37
blank city-life
badtaste Aug 22
it's a hard rang to walk alone
under every underpass through seas of faces
tears of rain get your shoes wet
and waking up covered in city stress and rushed restless soggy
expressions. but here comes lady luck
and her Mr. Karma
they're too far away to tell
if those are smiles of joy
or smirks of finally finding payback
Aug 21 · 1.1k
one little spider
badtaste Aug 21
one little spider fell on my leg
I smacked him off then I said
"Did you nibble?
Did you bite?"
he said no
just a kissed you goodnight
I made this poem for my little cousin
Aug 21 · 370
Birth of Death
badtaste Aug 21
I was born from the breathe of Satan-I was formed underneath a tree in Salem
I was sworn to **** the king with swords of Cain-I was torn in-between infamy and destiny from my name
I'm a nameless hatred created from the twisted creator seizing an unforgiving lust and hunger for another miserable maiden wasting her worth with words of wishes longing the chance to dance with the duke of death
but the bet begs black
and I'm dressed in red restless dripping decisions of every maiden's sins ever since Satan brought me back from the depths of *** and a forever reincarnation of Hell's retrieving-unforgiving-sanatorium
based on the 8th house
Aug 18 · 37
EXtolled Intentions
badtaste Aug 18
you were my practice
my only witness
to a kindling love that caught
a case of lovesickness
now six months has only felt like six days
if I could win your forgiveness
I'd change my ways
however you've heard it all before
a poet's words don't woe like they do anymore
I'd stop making poetry if you'd stop being so cold to me
but who am I to make demands (?)
I just wish we could be friends
yes I made a poem abt my ex...oof
Aug 16 · 70
blank 2_6
badtaste Aug 16
I believe books will bleed and through their pain truth we'll read-
between the lines inside my mind until I find the way to breathe-
I strain and choke on words I spoke and with the blood wrote a poet's
back in business baby
Jul 15 · 174
Webster with her Webs
badtaste Jul 15
give me a chance to take time
to take you away
from this place that you say
you need space to find
your own name
someone stole
your birthday
lovely it's ok...
(I know that feeling)
we get old
we die to early
time to live like
life ended yesterday
I got cobwebs covering my covers
stuck on a spooky new excitement
I can't sleep just have to speak
until my tongue falls
out my head
(not an understatement)
for Isobel Webster
Jul 11 · 43
thisfeeelslikea WALL
badtaste Jul 11
leg so hot it fry an egg"
made by a friend of mine
badtaste Jun 11
my elders consider my punishment like prison
separated from my phone but linked to a chain in my home
for 7 days any kid my age wouldn't survive but suffer
what's for supper?
wait, last night double pound
McStuffer burger?!
but dad...
I'm trying a new diet tonight and am in immediate incapacity
of filling my bottomless pit's wildest delights
perhaps an offer...(?)
every night I must survive
we can all share a nice family supper
this just in extra extra!!!
Jun 11 · 37
tin foil hat
badtaste Jun 11
purpose proposes plenty of silly post apocalyptic  antidotes
such as a disease and grief seen as a remedy giving plenty
future weapons of mass destruction a new purpose
but the birth of this seed needs lots of hidden conspiracies
so if we blind our kind of any true sign from
our past we will surpass all the government securities
and illness of any kind can be seen with some perspective
in mind
badtaste Jun 2
I've seen it all...
the deserted
become the damaged
burning themselves against
a graffiti sanctuary
heaven's wall.
never going back to that underpass...
May 30 · 123
it's just some...
badtaste May 30
serious nonsense
toxic love sickness
getting greener
when she comes over
after just giving him
a kiss know what?
never mind...
May 30 · 56
badtaste May 30
it started when
I was writing love letters
in hues of beige
marking in white chalk
a path just to talk
with the woman
in every paper
-on our first date-
we both were
eating the elephant
and got full from
a smorgasbord
of smiling conversations
those where
the days

now I remember
I am a prisoner
awoken from the coma
that was
the  daydream
with the woman
I once loved
and who's warmth
left me cold
tears of beige
"blue windows"
May 24 · 83
badtaste May 24
he built the machine
now he can fly

he didn't do it for money
but watch it come by

he couldn't cook
but with one look
of green faces involved
he sold an accident
and now can step up
to evolve

the masses eat his cuisine
surprisingly with delight

tear at each other
arms first legs next
to sit closer to their
current creator

covered in fear
cloaked in future
coming from darkness
anything is better
badtaste May 22
he buries his past in his backyard
he burns photographs of memories trying so hard
not to give in
so he can join them
but too live on knowing
if only his daughter
could say
heaven is warm
and try to warn
how he coups will have his
mind,will, and soul
to the slaughter
for the devil
on a golden ruby plate
don't destroy your memories or hide thinking of the person when trying to coup, don't destroy yourself physically mentally or emotionally when going through couping
it's all ok, plz thx
badtaste May 20
righteous sickness
obtained from the nameless mistress
alone on a train
sit next to her
doesn't even matter
she's a mad hatter running from alcoholism
and all 7 step-fathers
time to main stations
let's give her a reason to see the sun set
before the night is shoveled in red...
May 20 · 28
2-4-1 discount
badtaste May 20
lava lamp Jonas
tried to scam me again
acting like
he can sell a potable fireplace
or the color to your lovers eyes
or even a warmth that feels like home...

...psh what a ***...
Notes Go Here
May 17 · 119
should I?
badtaste May 17
reason and emotion sat alone in an empty room
my brain aches from all the arguing that seems to always
May 17 · 225
keep me awake
badtaste May 17
babe I'm not upset
just having a little frustration
I don't want to fall in love next weekend
I just don't want to give up on this communication

my heart is dying might need to charge soon
I've dreamt of your warmth bleeding onto me
in your room

ever since you've given me voice to sing poetry-
-bring to life every epic of a tragic love story,
I'm sorry but I can't forget you over a weekend,
or even-
-after a calm midnight
solar wind
May 17 · 95
getting sleep
badtaste May 17
I couldn't sleep again
only remembering thoughts
scattered like puzzle pieces
of back when
I was told in school
making friends comes second
happiness comes third...

in poetry class
we were shown
how words can make hearts melt like snow
and that we each have the power
to thaw out the cold
from anybody with a kindle in their soul

in a parking lot
alone in my 98 Camry
I didn't just **** the engine
I snapped the cars personified neck
with the flick of my shaking hand

I hold a pen
a beautiful pen
from the girl who sat behind me in

from the glovebox
I hold a gun
a powerful fierce magnum
that spits fire across my temple
helping me get some sleep I've been dreaming
I never learned how to use imagery in poetry class...
May 14 · 49
her and him
badtaste May 14
in the beginning
          it was only her and him
                 each year they would meet and it would always be

Her: Hi I like you and wondered if you like me too?
Him: I only like girls who don't have to wear training bras...

1 year later
Her: I don't have to wear those anymore. You must like me for sure?
Him: I only like girls who break the rules...

1 year passes
Her: I left my house and stabbed my friends in the back, can I have you to myself?
Him: I only want girls who waste their life.

Her: I refuse to do anything like that
Him: What have you been doing all this time?
May 13 · 40
hold your breath
badtaste May 13
you can't always fix
even if it's meant to stay
can you even reach
a heart
in a glass case
to crash
at the
of the
badtaste May 12
babe just let me in
suppose you're going to
leave me alone on an island again?
to watch you drown
I can't swim.
Just let me kiss
the bottom of your ear
just talk with me
and don't push away
start to let it be clear.
I wanna stay and make  mistakes
and take time to create
wishes with you
when it's dark and cloudy outside
I'd always close my eyes
and it would all come true
to stare at your bottomless blue crystal sea stained-glass.
Dance with me
make me swing
getting tipsy over the dizzy
way of how you sing giving a new feeling
Send me to sleep on a Saturday morning
help me if I get cold
then I'll hum the melody
you always taught me
since the beginning
please hold my love tight and true
cupid's dove
fly away so I can write with my last breathe
an epic conclusion  

grey bathed in black and white are the only colors poets use to write.
May 12 · 46
no ur stoned dude!(?)
badtaste May 12
I'm not always
this stone-faced-serious
I just can't help
when I show
rocks in my smile-
-how hideous!
give drugs not hugs (lol I'm not serious)
May 12 · 243
badtaste May 12
I got cursed faster than
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
a past torture passed
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
from my fathers
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
holy ghost.
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
I would rather
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
with tears in my eyes
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
make one last remembrance
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
on his grave with a honorable toast.
May 12 · 190
purple eyes
badtaste May 12
let's sleep on a bed of roses
with sheets of cinnamon.
Let's fall in love
love to make
shinny bright

you can say
the word to me any day
to lend a hand or two
that has 78 crazy nail's
don't forget
to take my heart
with you.

trust these tears
ain't just amatory for all my alliteration
it's just a
early time celebration.

you can get purple
and forget it all
with me for free
for as long as love lives on
we will waste away
and forget every memory
and eat all the purple
til it's gone.
badtaste May 10
we did it guys!
              or at least   -     coping pop    -     culture moments...
                              my                                      happened
                                    t h e o r e m        h a s

wasted over a year
with evidence I do not have right here
but all my loyal fellow poet savants
know it

       m y  t h e s i s ,(!)                                    a l l  m y l i f e s                                       
                                     m y  m y s t e r y,(?)                             w o r k ,(!)

my theory of trending
from knowing Eliot's (selected) history
has saved and gained
my fame
for me
at least
for now
myself digitally

                                             T   F  O  O  L
                       W               U
                           O        O          
                              R   ,                <3
May 9 · 51
badtaste May 9
a giggly child dancing in the rain
would watch it fall unto a stream
and puddles would grow to show a path
adventure awaits long at last
down the brook
through the grove
under a tree
across a mossy train road
how tragic it is to tell his fate
when last he met a golden gate
chased a fish to the depths
couldn't rise even with all his strength
May 9 · 43
this summer
badtaste May 9
let's fall into the wild side
              let us
dive into a dry spell of summer  
live life like on-top of a Saturday night retro
              l  e  t
               u  s
listen to mummers of every newcomer in our circle
             l                 e                  t
                      U               S
have youth of touching silhouettes behind a red corea door
             su tel
tell this with cracks in our eyes tears in our throat
luve and don't regret
May 9 · 615
badtaste May 9
girls like liars
telling them it will get better
buying them flowers
promising it'll last forever
I'm not gonna start
lying to my lover
when it all starts dying
I'll be on my best behavior

you have octopus legs
been dancing for eight days
you've never asked me for company
sitting on a stillborn egg
you still bored-of -friendzone-custody?
like a Scorpio 100%
May 8 · 46
girl with no name
badtaste May 8
with the brush of a breeze branches and flowers
dance with life and evergreen enthusiasm
with the chance of meeting you I know it to be true
fantasies and dreams of love do happen
May 8 · 51
black is transparent
badtaste May 8
if my heart would start to glow in the dark
every night at home with you or alone
you'd be shocked to know nothing gives me a spark
since you'd squint to find a heart gushing with love
instead a hole woefully without a springing soul
love rhyming like a kid trying poetry for his  time  oof this is why I deleted over 100 past poems...
May 6 · 210
jinx myself
badtaste May 6
you want a poem to trend on Hello Poetry?

simple just add tragedy or triumph
>Important don't forget to<

             m       v         a     o     n  
                    o      e        r      u    d

talk about falling upside down or running in reverse
talk about being apart of site for many months and it seems like a curse

your poem didn't get any sun
didn't stay trending long enough for any to notice

                                                Or just say HI
                                                                        that seems to work
is this breaking the 4th wall
May 6 · 39
can't catch the wind
badtaste May 6
she's a mannequin
put a spell on him again
magic is in the air and he has been here
over and over through several reincarnations
giving her his last dandelion wish
and planting carnations for each time
she denied him
go to the garden
fall in the flowers
every fall it starts over
like the same day on a loop
but with a better plan
he can't stop
for each time he breathes
a poem writes itself on paper
made from the loyal dying trees
and if you walk with watchfulness through this oasis
you might smell the breeze of a dandelion dancing
with the wind over and over
May 6 · 407
badtaste May 6
I found a cockroach crawling in your soup
I say so suddenly
"What are we ever going to do?"
and when I turn I've seen you have become a cockroach
stop smoking roaches to stop being roaches
random bs psa
badtaste May 6
there something in the way
a part in a destructive path
that blocks pain but starts to drain
the colors of your personality
badtaste May 6
I light my candles but this room is still pitch dark
I scream for a name and just hear my echo come right back
each time I closed my eyes I just rezoomed this torture from a higher view
is it what I said or what I did why would't you let me know that I hurt you?
May 6 · 63
Stephen King
badtaste May 6
you break my heart
like an elephant running through a room on ice
just an earthquake exploding with revenge deep inside
don't doubt yourself twice
I have a new endgame
I've seen the outcome at least a million times
it all ends the same except with one
where I finally win with your head in my hand to my side
May 6 · 60
badtaste May 6
I can smell a smoldering flame grow inside your home
I know this is really crazy
but if I help you you'll be saving me
you unwind my swarming thoughts
I over think
but I'm not over you
I've been burnt too
if it can start with a sorry I'll say them all
I don't want this to be the tragidety that ends our epic love story
May 6 · 331
badtaste May 6
"Let me just die forever for your ever beautiful satisfying personality."

Begins to stare at bottom of dress unhesitatingly
May 6 · 164
badtaste May 6
for a second
you actually made me believe you were in love with me
May 6 · 614
blank shot
badtaste May 6
god thinks I've ran away
perhaps I've been lost all these days

but I don't deserve paradise
can't even count all my alibis
and here she lies in a story which we all shall begin
of tragedy and victory of passion and sin

all the petty past jealously
wasting your pretty present time with me
are you ready to turn and go the other way?
I wanted to wast alone
soon I wanted to live with you
I'm alive and all the music sounds so much better
I even can cry when I watch things die in dead of winter
when are skin touches it feels like our first hit of electricity
more than a brush or a rush of newly past memories
it seems we cannot hush our passion or bliss
when we've been longing for so long our very first kiss
is it wrong to sing a song about running away from time with you
dancing like it's prom dying in your arms
saying my last true words
"I love you."
May 5 · 44
badtaste May 5
why do you choke? tears are just soft hollow bits of water
slowly walking to the door feeling that knife cut even harder
I won't turn around this isn't a slow motion scene of retribution
this is the effect of your case because I won't cry in front of you
are you seriously laughing? or panicking I found the truth
sorry this isn't funny but I laugh out loud
since I don't know what to do
May 5 · 111
badtaste May 5
once you look into her eyes
your heart turns to stone
about her
May 3 · 94
blank harmony
badtaste May 3
in the land of spiders, I think I was an insect
hiding from the vampires, underneath every crevice
finding heart breakers, who are crying from regret
getting drunk on love, paying shots with respect
slitting my throat so I can finally breathe
smothered from my lovers watching me bleed
May 2 · 34
1 line at a time
badtaste May 2
poetry is more than a language or something to read
so I will teach a blind man how to speak
May 2 · 40
blank memoir
badtaste May 2
poetry doesn't distract me from reality
it lets me paint a picture for so many to see
if they object, reject, or accept this company
they will not be alone
as long as they come to know

this actuality
this art
this moment

is kept and spent
helping you accept this beauty
May 2 · 39
open casket
badtaste May 2
I walked in through an endless door I never knew I’d know
a calm climatic state of inner calamity,  
walking ever so slow
more painful than a leisure stroll through a fire
but my body so cold and feet shuffle almost like through snow.
A self dramatic portrait of a moment
colors could never capture my emotional movement.
It never hit so hard
I never heard words leave so soon
did those words I even spoke?
How could I? When I was too red to breathe  
only air I swallowed kept my voice shut as smoke does
when my teacher passed away I wrote this I've been uncertain to even post this but maybe it will help me cope
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