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  Feb 2015 Ray Shepard
Such luscious lips, with pinkish glow!
She's beautiful.

Her chapped lips,  faucet like,
cascade only words of kindness..
She's beautiful.

Such pretty,alluring eyes!
She's beautiful.

Her heavy-lidded eyes : a pair of lenses
capturing only great sharp shots,
they see clearly only the good in people..
They never despise.
She's beautiful.

Such a lovely, curvaceous figure!
She's beautiful.

Within the slim figure,  is a soul
who'll share her food with the hungry,
even if it means she'll be left with nothing
for dinner.
She's beautiful.

Beauty is only skin deep..
Inspired by a brief chat with a dear friend today and Audrey Hepburn's insights on beauty
'Look beyond the features, it is reflected in the soul..'
  Feb 2015 Ray Shepard
Thomas EG
Uncertainty fills the air
And suddenly I'm not so sure.
Nostalgia begins to decay
But why?
Heavy, heavier...
I inhale and sigh with, what, exasperation?
These are all mere distractions
To prevent myself from colliding
With myself,
With how I feel.
Emotional trauma, Part I -
Coming soon to a childhood near you!
We laugh it off
But it does not leave us.
Nothing can leave us
As easily as you walked away
That night.
I will not forget what I saw.
Engraved in my brain
Causing me to crumble
Tumble, tumble...
I wonder what's out of reach
due to my refusal to let go of you.
Maybe I have my hands full.
I can see you grasping for something too.
do you miss me?
Your voice is what I fell in love with first.
fresh like water to quench my thirst.
A voice that was so full of Love
Now all your words are slurred.
You only call me when you're drunk.
Because you're not thinking straight.
I want to hear the Love again, But I'm afraid that it's to late.
I want you to be safe but I'm not ready
For you to get sober.
What if then, This is all over.
I don't care if I'm only your Baby when you're drunk.
I'm drunk on you.
I don't care
No, I don't care
what you do.
Just Please Don't stop calling
I'll never stop falling
more and more in love with you.

© copyrighted Nicole Ann Osborn
But I'll save the Voice Mails..
  Nov 2014 Ray Shepard
Alyssa Tara
I hope tomorrow day,
     you ***** all the words
     you whispered to me
     the night before
     and may your heart
     be filled with definite pain
     for all the things you never did.
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