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Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
They say don't cry over spilt milk,
But this isn't just a glass of milk,
This was the best milkshake I've ever had,
Complete with whipped cream and a cherry,
The smoothest blend of cream and sugar to ever meet my tastebuds,
And it wasn't just spilt over, it was knocked out of my hands.
Written on 11/12/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Sacred under bruises,
The book which confuses,
Our true nature.
Which is to overcome and never carry,
We shouldn't step to the drum when things get scary.
To stand in the face of fear is to master,
Conquering your demons in the place of disaster. Undermining envy and greed,
Excavating the land that delegates the seven seas. Closing our eyes and revealing, that spirit that connects us is so appealing. Uplifting, shedding, through the sifting, we're forgetting. But remembering so much more, the soul that combines us to the core.
Fear less, and love much more.
Written on 10/26/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I wanna be free, I wanna run,
I wanna fall asleep with the moon
And rise up with the sun
Written on 10/9/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Angels breath and crystalline skies,
The world I prefer to live in without lies,
Introspection for the wise,
For a life with love you must compromise.
To have light you must have dark,
If all you have is bark you can still make a spark. Believe in the spirit of your heart,
It's an under developed art. Know it and see it, do what's right to retrieve it. Anything is possible at your will, so breathe deep and let your loveliness spill.
Written on 9/21/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
We turn back into dust everyday
We slowly decay
Some of us corrode much faster
Some of us turn into dark matter
Some of us turn into foam
Some of us are left alone
Some of us stay here forever
And this is my souls greatest endeavor
Life after life and lesson after lesson
Dissecting the product to get the blessing
Shining light into my heart to receive the message,
Live and let go, no time for stressing.
Written on 6/27/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The seeds we plant will grow
Only if we water them
But be careful what you plant
And what you water with
You can grow flowers
Or you can grow weeds
You can water with hope
Or you can water with fear
You can grow forests
You can destroy fields
Of beautiful ever-afters
Of never thought of beginnings
Written on 4/14/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
In times like these we cannot be selfish with our pain.
It's ******* okay to feel sad.
it's okay to get mad.
It's okay to sit and reminisce and miss,
It's okay to pray that things can get better from this,
It's okay to get drunk, it's okay to get high,
In these times it's okay to do whatever you have to do to feel alive,
But just know that that's a crutch and when that's gone, you might feel crushed.
So it's okay to ******* scream
It's okay to ******* yell
It's okay to curse from heaven all the way down to hell.
Written on 3/7/16
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