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Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
I am much more than this body.
I'm a temple, I'm a soul, I'm a mind.
Sometimes I'm a movie stuck on rewind.
Reminiscing and replaying,
All the times I was decaying.
I am much more than this body,
That will fade with time,
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even this rhyme.
Written on 1/26/16
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The autumn rain,
Turns to snow,
Without pain,
We never grow.
The temperature drops,
Everything turns to ice,
You search in shops,
To find some advice.
The sky is so clear,
The moon looks so near,
Love is nothing to fear,
Stay close to me dear.
written on 3/5/2015
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
The apocalypse is coming,
I heard them scream,
It will only take a minute to wake from this dream,
Then I turned and I saw peaceful waters turn into a violent stream,
I looked up and I saw our light blue sky turn dark green,
I noticed the animals running away at their fastest speed,
I heard the wind say "this is what the earth needs."
Has a minute passed, when will I wakeup?
I want to get out before the land below me is shook up.
I looked up again at the sky,
I saw the earths reflection way up high.
Is that a mirror in the heavens,
So we can watch our own demise?
Time stood still, the wind ceased,
The wrinkles in my forehead creased,
The sun exploded, only moments away from impact, but the earth imploded and I was still in tact.
written on 6/18/15
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
Keep your mind clear
And hold on to your halo.
There's distress in the night,
But there is nothing to fear.
Forgetting Everything's All Right,
Creates delusions that steer,
In the wrong direction,
Stay true to yourself,
Allow introspection.
Give thanks and get your blessing.
This ain't nothing but a session,
Get straight A's then decay into the message.
Written on 6/24/2016
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
You're now gone and I'm still here

I know that you are far but near

Yet sadness still slowly steers

Our bodies deteriorating gears

Spinning amidst the atmosphere

In dark days and light nights

I see you shining bright

A legendary light

And it is so clear

I will never lose sight
Of your light

Because you're now gone
and I'm still here.
Written on 5/12/2016
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
******* anxiety,
For dragging me down,
Through the dirt where no hope is found,
******* anxiety,
For making me think,
So many bad thoughts till I hit the brink.
******* anxiety,
For sounding me out,
I'll have a good thought
Then you drown it out.
******* anxiety,
For making me sweat,
My palms can't even light up a cigarette.
******* anxiety,
For making my heart race,
A billion butterflies with a bitter taste.
******* anxiety,
For holding me back,
Reminding me everyday of qualities I lack.
******* anxiety,
For shaking me to my core,
Like an earthquake ready to explore.
******* anxiety,
For making me miss,
A hundred beautiful memories full of bliss.
******* anxiety,
I'm done with you please,
You might come back begging,
On your hands and knees.
******* anxiety,
I'm done with your disease.
Written on 3/4/2016
Rachel Procopio Apr 2017
You never know who it will happen to
You never know when it will be
You never know where or how

But then it happens
T h e y ' r e  g o n e

Without a warning,
Without a goodbye,
Their body is left empty

And there is no going back
And this happens again
It happens a lot
And you never expect it to
But it does

And the sayings that have been pounded into your head all of your life come to mind,
Live like every day is your last &
Don't take anything for granted
Written on 11/28/2015
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