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Sometimes I feel that
we are all
messages in bottles
Floating with currents
Rising and falling with waves
Anxiously waiting for the day
to be read
by affectionate eyes
Sorrowful tears may roll
Down your sunken cheek
As pain cruelly takes toll
On your vexed heart
I will be here.

Seasons may roll
And your heart troll
Lazily beyond each pond
Of pain, frail and oblivion
I will be here.

Ease you may seek
From a heart so meek
Gracious, sweet and sleek
Shinny in times so bleak
I will be here.
 Aug 2016 Queenie Florentino
I don't know how to love
without wanting more.

I don't know how to swim
when there is no shore.

I don't know if there's an after
when the present is sculpted from before.

I won't know love
if love is nothing but lore.
And she's got everything
that I have to live

-excerpt TOMG
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