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Marrion Kiprop Jan 2018
SCENE 1: Park’s Parlor
It was a sunny Saturday morn
A busy week of lectures, classes, briskly worn
Liam, in a grey city short and blue polo shirt
Disregardantly laid on a campus park bench
Enjoying the warm summer breeze
As it plunged his advertence into a mild slumber.
He was then awakened by the sound of footsteps approaching
He glanced
And there she was, walking down the descending footpath
Taunting every living creature she passed by
With her stout, curvy frame sculptured with intricate exuberance;
He knew her; She knew him not

SCENE 2: Classroom Debacle
It was a dull Tuesday after-morning
Liam was running late for a lecturer
As he entered the classroom, there she was
Setting in the fifth row North
Wearing a silken Darthmouth-green cloth.
He gazed about, looking for an empty chair
And only one remaineth, next to her
He hesitantly approached the seat
Trying to dodge the stern cold stare from the lecturer
Moments passed, his body laying cold-death with fright
He then was startled by a gentle voice saying
‘Hi, I am Amy’ ” ” ‘You can have my today’s notes’ ” ” ‘ ‘:
She knew him; She knew his intentions not

SCENE 3: Hostel Civility
It was a noisy Friday evening.
Liam was resting in his wooden bed
And the echoing jubilance of the half-drunken students
Glutted the air like a summers-end park amusements.
Certainly, his drifting mind was brought to a halt by a little knock on the door
“Come on in”, He answered
Amy entered while wearing a hunters-moon grin
‘I have come for my notes’ she said
Liam feignly offered her a cup of coffee, pretending like he didn’t hear her
“The night is young, let’s go out and grab a bite”, he continued
She gallantly stood up: He expeditiously grabbed his coat,
And they shut the door behind them and disappeared into the radiant dusk
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Marrion Kiprop Oct 2016
After the dreaming is over
The mind’s pilgrimage done
The rough sails, the jolly flutters
The mountains, valleys, plains
Buoyantly overcame
Then arise you, dreamer, arise
For your slumber is ended.
Fasten your boot
Pick up the scythe, take your ***
Dance in the singing wind
Plough forth, back and forth again  
In the morning sun, the afternoon heat
Don’t look about or ask of time
Until the sun faintly drowses
Then cling on to the creased coat
Dust your boot
And vanish into the darkness.
Marrion Kiprop Sep 2016
Long ago
Long before the dawn of his youth
Lived a boy, a young boy
A boy who had a dream
A childhood dream.
He would lay at the forest glade
And gaze, gaze in wonder
At the peculiar workings of the earth.
He would count all the birds of the sky
Wander into the dark forest deep
Stroll by the humming river
And paint with all the colors of the earth.
The night's inner glow,
The wild's cheerful tune;
All of earth's splashy marvel
Would prompt his thoughts
To travel the world
In search of a secret.
The blue waters of the Pacific seemed a decent start, he thought
Perhaps a swim in the depths of Waikiki Beach
Or a hike up Mt. Rainier
A stroll in the scenic wonderlands of Northern Idaho
Maybe a nice dinner in Broadmoor Hotel at Colorado Springs
Or build a cabin in Minnesota's lake country
A day picnic at Mt. Chocorua
A quick walk down Boston Common
Or a Tulip time at Bronx,
Drifted his mind.
Bend of Susquehanna, Cayuga Lake, Chesapeake Bay, Rehoboth Beach
Flashed upon his sight.
Then one day, not long ago
To his surprise
He found the secret
Veiled in one who owns his heart.
Marrion Kiprop Sep 2016
On one evening grey,
A cold spring sunset
Stood one,
By the roadside
Off the bright shadows
Of the dimming half-light
Of what was to come.
He glanced forth
And there she was
Strutting in stout mellow
As she willowed
Towards the crude darkness.
‘Hello’, he shouted
In a mawkish tone
And to many a surprise
She paused.
He hesitantly approached her heels
Trying to keep it cool
And for about a minute half
Of obscure reticence
They sauntered, tongue-tied
Side by side
Into the drear blues.
Marrion Kiprop Sep 2016
I could
Sing in thousand one melodies
Ride a billion stars for a chariot
Take whole of earth’s beauty,
Make me a vineyard.
But nothing
Will be greater afar than the day
I say
Marrion Kiprop Sep 2016
Last night
I sat at the porch
Waiting for you to come.
The cicadas were already in tune
The cricketers chirping in mellow;
The nights inner rumble
Lulled me to a swift ramble.
I came by the Tom’s midnight garden
At Gracemore
Which paraded the fields on the right
To the end of the woods.
I hurried, up the winding course
And a few miles out
Polaris was on sight.
I took the northern pass
And soon I was on Orion’s path
I advanced west
As far as the thawing lake
East of the Morning Star.
When the western edge drawn near
I was startled by a gentle voice
And when I opened my eyes
You were gone with the early morn dew.
Marrion Kiprop Aug 2016
I remember that day
As clear as yesterday.

I trod by the park
My eyes glued at the mark,
Then there you sat, by the french lilacs
With one you were begot.
Your beauty in circles full, varnished the flowers’ bloom.

That moment passed, with no handshake
For I was young and timid to partake.
Seasons befell and my heart sought
One deserving of your resemblance
In heart, manner and in beauty.

Many days gone, days I counted not
My heart grown deep as sadness blot
And one day I could hold not.
To you, I avowed my will
In manner cozy, tender and bold.

Though your answer was coy
My heart adorned in joy
In hope that one day we could cling
In the charmer tides of our hearts’ ping
And forever we may behold
Eternity through eternity.
A journey is great if only one finds what he seeks..
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