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May 2018 · 209
clouds were formed
from dying candles
lit by earnest souls.
Feb 2018 · 537
Eventually, everyone will depart their flesh
for they have reached the end of their race.
While some try to delay their rest,
others cut the thread themselves.

Life is just a phase,
everyone shall return to the mist,
all the memories will sink into the abyss,
and the world will again be an empty slate.
Oct 2017 · 711
You have a circle
where everything
is closed around
while I have a line
that has no size,
no width,
no length,
no depth,
and no one.

Oct 2017 · 436
4 a.m. Blues
I woke up at 4 a.m. freezing.
I thought I left the windows opened, but it wasn't.
Crawled back to bed, knees drawn to chest.
Grabbed my blanket while
thinking to myself, "God, I miss him."

Oct 2017 · 202
(All In One Syllable)
that are
in a
b l i n k,
b r e a k.*

Aug 2017 · 215
At Last, Free!
leaving me,
is me
finding myself -
at last, free!

Jul 2017 · 232
The End.
There was
he and I,
he and she.

Though now
he is with her,
I am still stuck
in the middle of
how did we end?*

Jul 2017 · 214
A love
which has not been hurt
is not to be called
as love yet.

Jul 2017 · 307
When she speaks,  her words
become bubbles in the wind;
hollow, weightless.

It has been a while. Been so involuntarily occupied
Nov 2016 · 436
Too many reasons
but none sounds reasonable
at all.

Nov 2016 · 588
Lonely Shore
The waves took me back
to the lonely shore,
with lonely peebles,
and broken stones:

A poignant reflection
of the ever lonely sand
with hidden prints
of our past.
Oct 2016 · 342
The Darkest
I am heavily burdened.
My spirit is so gloomy within.
No one is to dine with me;
To dine with this agony!

Oh, I am so doleful!
Who shall encourage, comfort and console?
Who shall hear this boisterous grief?
Shall I expect nobody to cause me relief?

Joy! Oh, why did you leave?
And stole the gaiety like a theft?
In misfortune, now I am alone.
Solitude! In where I was abandoned.

This overwhelming despair!
Oh, I can bear it no further.
Run! I wanna run from this sorrow.
Die! The escape from the dolor of tomorrow.

If living is to cause me pain,
Better to lie in the coffin.
Farewell, Mishap, my good friend;
In the grave, misery and agony, will now end.

By Queenie Florentino
October 10, 2013
Sep 2016 · 269
doesn't end,
just that,
it never comes.
And it haunts
the heart that hopes,
that it does,
that it will.

- qyf
Aug 2016 · 241
What would you do
if the things you do
are undoing you?

- qyf
Aug 2016 · 287
Pulling a person
who tied himself
from the past,
is a person
with strangulated
and this, a death
dusk and dawn.

Aug 2016 · 317
I have found my
freedom at the place
where you

Aug 2016 · 563
My past is the gallows
where my future hangs.

- qyf
Aug 2016 · 216
I have been living
with a stranger,
whom I call
as- Mom.

- qyf
May 2016 · 271
Fairy tales are stories
of how I imagined
the two of us
could have been.

But well,
this is how we end:
but in different realms.

But definitely,
if only,
I'd wish for a twist.  

- qyf
May 2016 · 366
I will always love you;
be it with, or
without you.

May 2016 · 302
Falling Star.
"You are my star,"* said he
"I am a star that fell from the sky
to dwell with you,
and lost my light
to share darkness with you."

**- qyf
- to Elson, the love of my life. Who makes darkness the most colorful of all.
May 2016 · 423
When The Wind Blows.
I saw the grass bowed when the wind blows.
And saw my beau beside me, welcomed it with awe.
He closed his eyes and spread his arms so wide,
Embracing the wind, like a groom embracing his bride.

He reached for my cold hands and drew his face near,
Felt his life as he whispered to my ear
"Dear, when I die, don't ever think I abandoned you
I will summon the wind to hug you when it blows."

Those scenes awakened me in the middle of the night
My dream killed me in dreadful fright
I remember the horror I had yesterday
When the wind blew and snatched him away

Before my eyes, I saw him fought and strived,
Before my eyes, I saw him breathed his last and died,
My spirit so filled and whelmed with morose,
As I threw into his tomb a fresh picked rose.

I cried and buried my head to my pillow,
Then I heard the wind knocking at my window,
I opened it and welcomed the wind with tears
I closed my eyes and spread my arms so wide
--- I know it's him, my Beau, my Dear

May 2016 · 248
the way hand-writings
are distinct from the other.

- qyf
May 2016 · 219
I could still feel him,
he's here.

May 2016 · 275
Love Is In Places
is in many places,
in dusts blown to and fro;
in peacocks' beautiful hue;
in ants beneath the lion's claw;
in bed with me, a naked you.  

Love is in places,
where I am with you.

- qyf
Apr 2016 · 220
who sees me
as his;

Is me,
whose heart
at peace.

- qyf
Apr 2016 · 275
PS: I Am Sorry

A spell cast
over and over,
until it breaks
what it's ought
to mend.

- qyf
- I am conflicted with the "cast" or "casted" since debates are buzzing online. nonetheless, it sickens me that words need rules when I lean on it for freedom.
Apr 2016 · 607
a fear that
lives in the
mirror of
that shatters
when I live
at the present
with you.

Apr 2016 · 248
Before You'd Go
Before you go
give me the
pieces of my
broken heart;


may be,
may be,


someone will come
and will try to
patch me.

- qyf
Apr 2016 · 234
Memories of Him
One of these days,
you'll be in places
where you and him
once had been;

The chair he once occupied,
the window that
once reflected him
stealing glances of you
when you smiled,
the tissue he once used
to scribble your names
with a heart in between;

These pictures
will strip the memories
you'd fought to conceal,
and will bring you back
to the very place
where he left his marks---
your heart.

- qyf
Apr 2016 · 247
was broken
in loving
a fool
in full.

Mar 2016 · 234
is a lie that
poisons the heart;
The apple
that burns the eyes
with a desire for a bite,
whether there is or none
a charming with
a true love's kiss
to blow us out
from our madness.*
Mar 2016 · 248
I found myself
lost in
his arms.

Love abounds
when I,
gave all to him

- qyf
Mar 2016 · 688
But I will let you...
I behold the
promises as
your lips curve
for a kiss.

And watch it
as your lips too
shut satisfied.

I am only a wine
you long for
when your heat is

But I will let you,
to drink me.

After all,
I am a finest wine,
fermented with
years of  broken promises.

- qyf
- argh. Of broken promises.
Mar 2016 · 221
I am a vessel
full of memories.

Of our past.

That is all the
I carry,
all along,
against the
relentless waves
of sorrow
wallowed by
my wrecked heart.

I chose to carry
in the sea of
my collected tears,

for without it,
your memories,

I won't thrive
to breathe.

Mar 2016 · 245
Rip my heart
a countless times
yet I still will opt
to love
for joy exceeds the pain
so I shall be hopeful
until the end.

- qyf
Mar 2016 · 273
is an insanity
released in

Mar 2016 · 445
Finders Keepers.
Find what makes you happy
but first
find yourself.

- qyf
Mar 2016 · 274
My heart is hollow
but, is

I am still consumed,
by him,
like his hold still
creeps on to my skin.

In his absence, why
there love still
exists, and is

Mar 2016 · 231
Whole, But.
Love slips
through the heart wall's holes,
and settles with
the dust in the wind.

Many have tried netting,
collecting some pieces
of my piece
dispersed into the vastness.

But sooner, they all
let go.

Thus this love remains,
whole, but, scattered.

- but somebody, someday
will contain me, all of me.
Confine me in his arms.
Mar 2016 · 192
Love is the hate
that builds after
every heartache.

Mar 2016 · 210
Was once had written
enough love poems
for him.
Yet now, his absence
occupies the empty slate,
and love falls on spaces
where I could no longer
feel its weight.

Mar 2016 · 201
Let us settle this with:
You do the looking down at me
and I do the looking up.

Feb 2016 · 242
He told me to describe my pain.
And so I did.
And gave him shattered pieces
of a mirror,
whose broken fragments
reveal a reflection of him.

Feb 2016 · 181
My lips miss the taste
of a kiss,
a kiss that comes
from your lips.

Jan 2016 · 249
How can one
attain a lofty education
yet still remains
disparagingly a fool.

- qyf
Jan 2016 · 500
Chickens Bawk.
the chickens keep bawk-ing
bawk bawk bawk
their pointless views, and
having each other
roasted in the end.

Jan 2016 · 292
veiled slyness
with beauty that
deceives, those
of whose eyes too
are naive.

Jan 2016 · 735
Windows Pale.
Windows opened pale
as his eyes fixed on me
without love he used to stare.

Jan 2016 · 321
I Love You.
I love you.
Sometimes these words are enough,
and sometimes it is not,
with how complex, or simple,
or how vast, or small
I feel for you.
But this is what I really know,
there is love in my heart
that is only for you.

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