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12.1k · Sep 2015
The Cursed Rainbow
Deceived me not with your whims,
Act not as if you are a rainbow
to save me from my grim.

But yes, may be you are,
Because like the rainbow,
where are you when my heart
is heavily arrowed by rains?
Kicking my *** to come up with a positive write about rainbow. As what I was trying with my previous post. But this is what i've got.

And this is exactly the reason why I love rain more than anything else.
7.1k · Sep 2015
Opt To Mist
Beautiful are the stars in the dim sky
When fireflies, in the silence of the night, shine
And the leaves dance with the tempest wind
As the clouds clad itself with darkness.

Beautiful are the things in life
Even if given with a horde of trials
Consider the roses robed with thorns
Or the cactus in the desert grown alone
On how they have dealt with life thus spines born
And on how their spines have made them strong.

Let the troubles opt to mist on its own.*

- qyf
5.7k · Oct 2015
Dear Feet.
Dear feet,

Bring me to places where my heart will be tried; my mind be blown; my faith be tested; my reason be questioned.

I want my life to be a worthwhile walk. That after all the devastations you brought me in. And the cuts you got where the blood spilled.
I could write on this uneasy ground,

"I have had a hard one, but at least, I fought to live and was not defeated."

3.4k · Oct 2015
My Pain, My Starlight
Beneath the moonlight,
gently my pain
I detach
putting it in the dark sky
spreading it throughout
replacing the stars,
one by one
until my pain
is the only thing that shines
and the shimmers tickle
my weary eyes.

So then in relief, sighs
My pain has become my starlight
and the shooting star
of other's grieving heart.

3.0k · Nov 2015
My life is filled with plot-holes.  
But these made me whole.

1.4k · Aug 2015
The Otherwise
Death knocks Life
and asks,
"Can I too live?"

Life responds,
*"You can't, I am afraid.
For I too dread myself,
And envy you instead."
- - -
1.4k · Oct 2015
Ceiling Fan.
And I finally said,
"I want to be a fan.
A ceiling fan to be specific.

I would just be overhead of them
And would keep my duty in spinning,
Until they will be accustomed
of my presence,

Like it is the air that only existed.
Or they will notice me only
if I am a bit strong
or a bit too weak."

1.3k · Oct 2015
An Ode To My Lover.
Forgive me,
if at this moment
you are lonely;
and me not there
to be lonely with you.

Forgive me,
if some girls have hurt you;
and made you feel undeserved.
Trust me, I understand your pain;
for I too have been with men
whom I loved only for hopes that
one of them is finally you.

But none of them was you.

Because You are still there,
And me too here,
crying, hoping, waiting.

But I would like to ask you,
like me;
Keep looking.

And if we will be hurt
again and again,
with wrong people,
that is only because
we have not found each other yet.

But please, take heed;
I know, when us finally meet
we will work together,
to put ourselves back again.
Our love shall heal each other
as if we have not been lonely,
as if we have not been hurt before.
Our love shall thread the holes
in our hearts,
Our hugs shall glue the the broken pieces of us.
Our kisses shall profess that in each other's arm;
We received the love we deserved.

Your love,

    * ---qyf
rebuke me for my grammar. Thank you.
1.2k · Oct 2015
I gave you
all the love
I could give.
And you took
all the love
when you left.
Even that love,
that love I
reserved for myself.

Loving is a win or drain situation. Mostly, it's the latter.
893 · Aug 2015
22 Words in 4 Lines
I gave up my pen,
And tore all my dreams.
Poetry never was my friend
Thus my journey as poet, here ends.

- qyf
"The saddest poem a poet could write."

I often sit in doubt with overwhelming self-pity--- will I really make it? Will my pen able to cut through souls the way it cuts mine?

However, me learns that mine doubt is irreversible. It will forever be inside me...not to hinder...but to enable me to strive to surpass still be true with my writing. It is only, after all, mine pen which is able to hear and understand the deepest sighs of my soul.
821 · Aug 2015
Barren Land
Eyes were sunken, weary to cry
Why, his heart grew sullenly dry
For years, I tilled and toiled the land
Even if what I got were cuts and wounds on my hand

Sowed the seed yet rain did not come
He knew I watered it with tears and did all that I can
I had waited like a farmer for the seed to sprout
I had been steadfast in hope in a midst of drought

Never did I see him shed a sweat
What he did is to insult me and hurt
When he intentionally let the weeds grow
And watered it instead

How then can love grow and blossom in a barren land?
All my hardships were wasted and buried beneath the ground

The farmer suffered under the heat of the sun
And is rewarded with his crops after all he had done
But me, I suffered the loss of everything in myself
And after I wrought for love to bloom, I reaped none but grief

I had shed my every drop of love
To an unworthy person, who loves me not
Now hatred ploughed and rooted in my heart
I know, in due season, he shall reap his part
--- Queenie Y. Florentino

*will be very occupied with my post-graduate research.
735 · Jan 2016
Windows Pale.
Windows opened pale
as his eyes fixed on me
without love he used to stare.

732 · Aug 2015
I have slept in many beds
Yet still with constant dream
To have someone kiss me good-night
And smile at me with the sunrise.
: a strong desire especially for something unattainable
729 · Oct 2015
Sacrifice Vs. Compromise
Sacrifice* is a self-less act
provided that it goes not beyond


--- qyf
I ache, always, when they demand on me something that I know could make my inner child hate me.

I hope they know that sacrifice and compromise are two different craps.
711 · Oct 2015
Sun Dawned Me
The sun had taught me that
there are times
in life that
even the biggest star
has to bend and sink sometimes.

And you shall rise again,
brighter than ever. :)

- Title Edited. -
711 · Oct 2017
You have a circle
where everything
is closed around
while I have a line
that has no size,
no width,
no length,
no depth,
and no one.

694 · Oct 2015
Tenses Of Love
I am loved.
I was loved.
I will be loved.

- *
tenses and cycles. what a crap!
688 · Mar 2016
But I will let you...
I behold the
promises as
your lips curve
for a kiss.

And watch it
as your lips too
shut satisfied.

I am only a wine
you long for
when your heat is

But I will let you,
to drink me.

After all,
I am a finest wine,
fermented with
years of  broken promises.

- qyf
- argh. Of broken promises.
667 · Aug 2015
The fire
That was lit
On our first
Hi and Hello
Had been
With our last
I love you.

652 · Aug 2015
Collections of Pain
The way he looks at me,
with magnificence and praise
Slices my heart to bleed
in hopes that,
May his love
looks at me
the same way
his lusts do.

But the truth is:
While his eyes worship me,
His heart sees me as nobody.

- qyf
#costsofbeinginlove #passion #nolove #pain
642 · Oct 2015
I want to hide behind my keyboard
And be the words in my poem.

And if my poem does speak
nonsense, that is because
I am
in word and in flesh

the absolute of it.
617 · Oct 2015
Why, though we have loved
for a thousand times
nobody has ever
perfected love
just like nobody has ever
gotten used with heart aches
though had been broken
for a thousand times.

607 · Apr 2016
a fear that
lives in the
mirror of
that shatters
when I live
at the present
with you.

588 · Nov 2016
Lonely Shore
The waves took me back
to the lonely shore,
with lonely peebles,
and broken stones:

A poignant reflection
of the ever lonely sand
with hidden prints
of our past.
563 · Aug 2016
My past is the gallows
where my future hangs.

- qyf
546 · Oct 2015
Confuses lust with love.

Strips lust from love.

Demands love to get naked.
if obeyed not,
shows love as no love.
and if obeyed yes,
shows love as no love still.

Knows *** is worth of respect
as much respect as
its lover is worth of.
And with it, everything could stand preserved.

Use *** not as a parameter of love.
Or it shall be used as a parameter of you.

Challenged accepted. A mate asked me to put *** into words. Oh well, it's what I've come up.

Disclaimer: Not all *** is love.
Nor all love is ***.
543 · Aug 2015
Love or Hysteria
There is sometime
in a year
when I think that

Love is a hysteria.
537 · Feb 2018
Eventually, everyone will depart their flesh
for they have reached the end of their race.
While some try to delay their rest,
others cut the thread themselves.

Life is just a phase,
everyone shall return to the mist,
all the memories will sink into the abyss,
and the world will again be an empty slate.
500 · Jul 2015
3 Word Story
500 · Jan 2016
Chickens Bawk.
the chickens keep bawk-ing
bawk bawk bawk
their pointless views, and
having each other
roasted in the end.

493 · Jun 2015
Once Was His Flower
Once was a flower
in the garden,
blooming with pride

A man, a lover, came
and my beauty he admired
My smooth red petals caught his eyes
gently he picked me,
and mouthed a praise
"The most beautiful among all"
this was what he said.

He brought me into his mansion
with a garden full of weeds and stones
and he placed me in a vase
near an opened window with a dust-covered curtain

I saw, at the corner, a gray waste bin
Inside it is a rose, lifeless and pale
I wondered what happened
or what he did to her

Days afterward, and he just passed by me
I lost my confidence; he did change
my leaves started to slouch and dry
my petals slowly falling off and died.

His usual fervor admiration was gone
and noticed me once again,
yet for the last time
only to pick me up
and throw me into that gray waste bin
with that lifeless, pale rose I had seen.
487 · Jul 2015
Assault (Haiku)
No Greater Assault There Is
Than The Assault Of
Insincere Kindness.
486 · Oct 2015
Lonely Road.
This life is a long melancholic road
To be trod alone until the end
Better is my worn-out slippers with a pair
Than with my heart, alone,
soaked with despair

Sunrise heralds another burden to bear
And allows me to see my own affected smile
In the pool of tears on the ground
This assures me, there is no one behind

I am a hostage of this unfair world
Only to jail me, alone, miserable
Forward, I want to reach the end
But I am certain, along this road shall my body lay
Breathless, cold and still lonely.

451 · Sep 2015
How wrong it is to equate darkness to loneliness.
There are happiness the broad daylight could not give,
and only to be found beneath the shadows of the night
where souls gather in feast
and allowed to be free and wild.

*--- qyf
445 · Mar 2016
Finders Keepers.
Find what makes you happy
but first
find yourself.

- qyf
436 · Oct 2017
4 a.m. Blues
I woke up at 4 a.m. freezing.
I thought I left the windows opened, but it wasn't.
Crawled back to bed, knees drawn to chest.
Grabbed my blanket while
thinking to myself, "God, I miss him."

436 · Nov 2016
Too many reasons
but none sounds reasonable
at all.

423 · May 2016
When The Wind Blows.
I saw the grass bowed when the wind blows.
And saw my beau beside me, welcomed it with awe.
He closed his eyes and spread his arms so wide,
Embracing the wind, like a groom embracing his bride.

He reached for my cold hands and drew his face near,
Felt his life as he whispered to my ear
"Dear, when I die, don't ever think I abandoned you
I will summon the wind to hug you when it blows."

Those scenes awakened me in the middle of the night
My dream killed me in dreadful fright
I remember the horror I had yesterday
When the wind blew and snatched him away

Before my eyes, I saw him fought and strived,
Before my eyes, I saw him breathed his last and died,
My spirit so filled and whelmed with morose,
As I threw into his tomb a fresh picked rose.

I cried and buried my head to my pillow,
Then I heard the wind knocking at my window,
I opened it and welcomed the wind with tears
I closed my eyes and spread my arms so wide
--- I know it's him, my Beau, my Dear

405 · Sep 2015
Love Story
Life taught us to give our all in love.
And so we both did.

But it taught us not that
no matter how lavish may it be,

it still might not be the guarantee.

It is not that my love is flawed,
Or that his is
It is just that
My love is pure and perfect
and so as his.

But our love story is:
We both have loved,
yet our heart is not each other's right fit.
Me thinks that the past was love in real form. He loved me. And so I did. However, it dint work for no matter how we love, our heart is a home of somebody else's love. It is unthinkable, indeed. But there are many mysterious things about love yet to be known.
379 · Oct 2015
Courage, n.
Dive into the ocean
And be not drown
But tame its wave
And be its friend.

366 · May 2016
I will always love you;
be it with, or
without you.

343 · Oct 2015
10 Syllable Poem
Say to your fear,
"Let us die together."

342 · Oct 2016
The Darkest
I am heavily burdened.
My spirit is so gloomy within.
No one is to dine with me;
To dine with this agony!

Oh, I am so doleful!
Who shall encourage, comfort and console?
Who shall hear this boisterous grief?
Shall I expect nobody to cause me relief?

Joy! Oh, why did you leave?
And stole the gaiety like a theft?
In misfortune, now I am alone.
Solitude! In where I was abandoned.

This overwhelming despair!
Oh, I can bear it no further.
Run! I wanna run from this sorrow.
Die! The escape from the dolor of tomorrow.

If living is to cause me pain,
Better to lie in the coffin.
Farewell, Mishap, my good friend;
In the grave, misery and agony, will now end.

By Queenie Florentino
October 10, 2013
321 · Jan 2016
I Love You.
I love you.
Sometimes these words are enough,
and sometimes it is not,
with how complex, or simple,
or how vast, or small
I feel for you.
But this is what I really know,
there is love in my heart
that is only for you.

318 · Nov 2015
My Metamorphosis.
And they wished,
when the sheath was slit,
to see a marvelous butterfly
fluffing its wings.

But there,
came out a moth,
so they closed their eyes
while I
remained marvelous.

317 · Sep 2015
Criticism Versus Praise
Criticisms are welcomed warmly over praise
For it demands bravery to say it
While the latter, most often
Is given by the half-hearted lips.**

--- qyf
And this is always true. though criticisms come with pain. I'd rather deal with it than be a fool to celebrate over their praises of which lacks sincerity.
317 · Aug 2016
I have found my
freedom at the place
where you

307 · Jul 2017
When she speaks,  her words
become bubbles in the wind;
hollow, weightless.

It has been a while. Been so involuntarily occupied
302 · May 2016
Falling Star.
"You are my star,"* said he
"I am a star that fell from the sky
to dwell with you,
and lost my light
to share darkness with you."

**- qyf
- to Elson, the love of my life. Who makes darkness the most colorful of all.
293 · Sep 2015
Unfaithful friends
be like your footprints

"They are to be left behind."

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