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Oct 2015 · 391
Breahna Sandlin Oct 2015
Waiting for my turn to call the shots to push play
Time for the laughter lost.
Time for the joy I can't recall.
Timid actions that only kept me from smiles and friends
Trying to add up the times I wanted to be there when you where hurting but couldn't
Adding the times you needed me but didn't bother to check and see how you were doing
Longing for that moment when I see your face again as if it had been a lifetime

But counting up the times I said "I LOVE YOU!!!" should be limitless.
When I think back to when I actually wrote this I didn't truly understand what I was writing but now I see this is for the friend I lost emotionally....I'm sorry
Oct 2015 · 337
Lost Thoughts
Breahna Sandlin Oct 2015
special people do special things to help the world
into a better place, but when the mind
is cloudy with doubt being special is like a
dog burring a secret bone in the depths of the ground

Gravity pulls you down but is it more effective than pain
(for I do not know happiness as it usually is striped from me)?

Deprived of my childhood, its hard to stop what
you don't know
especially when you have no control over it.

Lost Thoughts.
I apologize for my darkness from the past life I had.
Breahna Sandlin Oct 2015
What did they find?
                  Years of brokenness and lies that don't even know the whole truth if it were handed back to my closet.
How did they find it?
                  Through desperate attempts to force the unknown that was hidden into the seemingly unbearable known that was proven to be true.
Who benefits from being in my closet?
                  The Unknown.

Someone has been in my closet.
Oct 2015 · 198
Breahna Sandlin Oct 2015
Laughter, sweet laughter
risen up without contempt,
not the purpose of being
forced through gnashed
teeth; laughter so sweet
Feb 2015 · 525
No Title
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
No rank. No class.
No substantial evidence to convict that spirit of ****** when the hands aren't even ******.
No reason to feel grief but sadness is the only real way to coop.
Rage confines the being of confidence, suffocates it lime a Boa, then devours the prey (being)

Where there is no confidence fear can control what the being has tried to cover up in an undeniable rush to keep what is secret hushed.
No Title.
Feb 2015 · 792
Daddy's Sorrow
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
People. Mirrors.
They have one thing in common. They lie!
Mirrors paint abstract designs through your eyes fooling the smartest person you could ever know.   ~Yourself~
But we still use them to dress up our self to make beautiful for the upper class people.
People on the other hand use us as *** toys in a king sized bed where males are dominant.
Through the pain of my daddy's tragic lose in the storm (inside pain and lose) his love is still here.
Daddy's Sorrow.
Feb 2015 · 539
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
Red and Blue lights flashed against a bruised face
***** hands try to hide against torn clothing
A guilty mind, thought process, and soul equals the sudden outcome of rage towards himself.
Though the justice system might try to help the scared mind, but how?
I use to think after a person's mind was gone it was gone forever, but I guess that's only in rare cases.
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
Breahna Sandlin Feb 2015
Dear* Teddybear,

        You are my closest friend that a person like me could have.
Your smile inspires me to stop the tears from falling and smile with you.
You can hold all my darkest secrets, even the lightest ones too, because we both know you'll never tell a soul.
You keep me sane in an unsecure state of mind when I feel low enough to want to leave you.
I hold you close hoping that you'll be holding me closer until our journey together ends

                                                            Hop­efully Your Closest Friend

— The End —