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Jul 11 · 95
You are my Healer..
Krish Raj Jul 11
Chasing my dreams, I come from far away land,
Surfing the web looking I was for a friend,
Got somehow lucky and found you in the end.

The oath you took to heal and save lives,
Listen to my heart and tell me how it beats,
I will feel better when you look in my eyes.

Met you once, floating I am in the cloud of joy,
I see you, you are no less than “Helen of Troy”,
May be I am naive, I want to be your boy.

Like to know you better and Listen to your story,
You cure many and help me in my misery,
Healer you become and reach a great glory.
Krish Raj Jul 8
I will be free, Papa said.
No more tummy growls, Mama said.
I won't be sick often, Papa said.

I can dream, Mama said.
School I can go, Papa said.
Stars I can reach, Mama said.

Land of plenty, Papa said,
Cats have toys, Mama said.
Dogs sleep on beds, Papa said.

Don’t drag my Papa, I begged.
Don’t take my Mama, I cried .
Inside the cage my tears dried.

— The End —