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We were beautiful children
And we grew up so brave,
We were touched by death and heartbreaks but we stayed just the same.

We listen to jazz all night and drink red wine,
Find ourselves adventure to pass the time,
We don't talk much about the pain we've felt inside,
No more bumps in the road,
Just enjoying the ride.

Our love is too strong to carry weight of what's gone,
We find peace in the sun,
And the belief of being young.

Love of mine in the world,
We are one in the same,
You can laugh while you're crying and be childish when you lose games,
We are fine, we are okay,
We are in love,
And our children someday will be just like us.
beauty in and beauty out,
its what makes the sirens pout
cascade of falling locks of pearl
in the water they will twirl
falling in love with a siren is not as foolish as it sounds
when you've been at sea awhile and having frantic dreams
of the ground opening below or drowning in a tidal wave
hurrying ever quicker to the grave

she will sing you anything to pull you under
she will sing with such vibrato that you'll bet
that you are the one who's meant to sail with her
you'll believe that you can love her without ever getting wet

she will wrap you in a song of sweet confusion
her voice will echo out for miles across the waves
but you'll swear it's only for the love of music
as you jump off into the water in a daze

falling in love with a siren is not as foolish as it seems
when you look deep within and realize you're never free
and say it's worth the joy and pain if you die trying
to get closer to the sound than to remain

she will sing you anything to pull you under her spell
she'll hum and croon the harmonies of the stars
as the sun ticks a quicker meter to reverse the ringing bell
as a curse becomes a blessing and a beauty now is recognized from afar
 Jan 2016 Özcan Mermaid
Mr Odd
 Jan 2016 Özcan Mermaid
Let me explain how it works
You see I grew up in a world of no love
A deep seated hate for things that matter
No I don't hold anyone above

Collecting dead animals when I was young
Yeah the kid on the block
The unhinged one
No friends to call no smiles to give
Just hiding myself in dark twisted grief

They call me strange maybe even evil
But we all have a dark side just mine prevails
I feed of the fear that grows inside
Normal folk well they wanna hide

If you ask the right questions feed my ego
Maybe I'll tell you
But many a dark night I've dreamed of hell
I see that place is my place to dwell

Don't try to convert me or make me better
It's in my blood
I follow to the letter
There's something wonderful about
The game
I accept my life and all the fame
there is hope here            the morning sun
leaves loaves of warm light on the doorstep

after he left - leaving a letter –
she realised the room had no windows

the light claimed a green pear
as she drank sweet tea

at 10.09 she was required
to generate her own light:

*in Café Gigi she generated her own light
Learning about being self reliant.
Our silent words are nothing
Our sickening songs are dead
That last breath of something
Was just a whisper in my head

The moving world around me
Is growing darker by the hour
My bleeding heart is dreaming
Of screaming down that tower

Of the embrace that awaits me
Of the sudden eclipse of sound
Solemn grace which escapes me
As my dungeon hits the ground
This sunlight shames November where he grieves
In dead red leaves, and will not let him shun
The day, though bough with bough be over-run.
But with a blessing every glade receives
High salutation; while from hillock-eaves
The deer gaze calling, dappled white and dun,
As if, being foresters of old, the sun
Had marked them with the shade of forest-leaves.

Here dawn to-day unveiled her magic glass;
Here noon now gives the thirst and takes the dew;
Till eve bring rest when other good things pass.
And here the lost hours the lost hours renew
While I still lead my shadow o’er the grass,
Nor know, for longing, that which I should do.
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