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May 2015 · 1.1k
Özcan Mermaid May 2015
you broke me in the most delicate way,
that even pain felt beautiful.
May 2015 · 1.1k
Midnight Mist
Özcan Mermaid May 2015
The wind whispers in soft, lilting echoes;
that enchant and linger the presence of idle stars and graceful jasmines;
on a musky summer midnight
May 2015 · 631
Özcan Mermaid May 2015
Thunderstorms wrench
and howl to the sound of your voice.
May 2015 · 621
Özcan Mermaid May 2015
Waves of darkness and death,
that rush (awake)
and take (away) your breath
May 2015 · 635
Purple Pearl Dreams
Özcan Mermaid May 2015
A ray of bliss thus becomes
a miss of broken dreams
and delicate pearls
scattered across
the purple skies
that glistens
and smiles
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
You, you and you.
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
In fact, it was about you. It always is; it always was, always will be.
I told you that it wasn't about you. I lied, it was about you; it always was, it always will be.
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
As sleepless thoughts savage,
the devil whispers into my ears,
softly triggering,
resonating melancholy,
the moan of a creature known to be depraved
and sinister,
soon becomes the lilt of an angel
who was once unfortunate
and misunderstood.
he calls me religiously and persistently,
captivating and lurring me,
to a side that has a melody; unknowingly *unholy.
Apr 2015 · 533
Pain amongst pines
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
I dig my nails into my skin,
wanting to feel something that is deep within,
but nothing is ever enough,
and I never seem to win;

I pour a glass of wine;
and sniff amongst the vines,
sensing the scents of a million heartbreaks,
that were only ever mine.
Apr 2015 · 455
Fool's Gold
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
How foolish was I to imagine
that I alone,
could be a ship;
in your turbulent
and tumultuous life,
when you were the ocean itself.
Apr 2015 · 447
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
Something within: numb, cold and cruel.
creeping inside; persistently to hide.
shivering, deep aside.
Apr 2015 · 685
God's Time
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
Of all the things that I could wish and hope for,
I prayed to a god who I doubt and disappoint;
begging for him to take me back in time,
just so that I could unmeet you... for one last time,
frankly, there isn't much that I wouldn't do,
for this to all become true.
Apr 2015 · 744
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
You are the beautiful nightmare that haunts me awake;
into a place where my reality seems nothing but-
**bland and opaque.
Apr 2015 · 426
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
To hear your voice, and see your face... Oh, I'd much rather take a blow to my brain.
Apr 2015 · 754
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
You were a thorned rose; placed onto a rotting grave,
who made even death;
seem beautiful with *grace.
Apr 2015 · 439
Özcan Mermaid Apr 2015
you were lost on my lips;
and erased from my mind,
yet buried
into my heart.
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
Özcan Mermaid Mar 2015
Your eyes have such depth that even poseidon would drown
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Özcan Mermaid Mar 2015
The rich crimson blood that pours from your veins,
like garnet;
sweet tints of ruby and rose.
Mar 2015 · 884
Satin Lips
Özcan Mermaid Mar 2015
The thought of my lips against yours are like soft satin plumped cushions that slowly press against each other;
slowly seeping,
and elevating,
yearning for more.
you still haunt me
Feb 2015 · 1.1k
Whiskey Loyalty
Özcan Mermaid Feb 2015
But the taste does not leave,
the way that you did.
Feb 2015 · 695
Özcan Mermaid Feb 2015
The pain rushes from the depth of my *****,
and into my bones;
the flutters that were once sweet in my guts,
are now belligerent ruptured tears
that unseeingly bleed.
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Özcan Mermaid Jan 2015
I can taste *****,
and it sounds like you.
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
Missing you
comes in waves.
I feel mellow,
I feel a rush; hitting me like a tsunami.
Nothing is ever consistent with you;
and won't be it seems
(just like the sea.)
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
The Ocean
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
Like the ocean; I am both mesmerised
and frightened by you.
more than anything; in the most beautiful
and tragic way.
You are alluring,
and wrench me,
like a ship
awaiting to
and deadly.
Dec 2014 · 555
Corrupt Minds
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
The mind that never sleeps; even at rest, it dreams.
a tormented mind.
Dec 2014 · 481
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
As I watch the blood pour,
I feel you leave my system
a little more.
Dec 2014 · 545
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
I wanted to kiss you,
but in a different way.
I wished you had kissed me;
in that same way.
Dec 2014 · 661
Glass Souls
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
My glass is empty,
my heart is full.
I drink away the feelings that conquer all.
The spirits inside burn
my soul,
and soak the thoughts
of how I fall.
I wrote this one night whilst intoxicated; thinking about you. I noticed the emptiness of my glass and the fullness of my heart. And how the more I drank; the more I felt. So empty yet so full, of confusion and doubt.
Dec 2014 · 510
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
You said you wanted to die,
and so a part of me did.
Two souls. One heart.
Dec 2014 · 533
Finding myself
Özcan Mermaid Dec 2014
I found myself in you,
that I had even lost in me.
*You are me; even more than I could ever be.
for a very close friend who is distant
May 2014 · 504
May in December
Özcan Mermaid May 2014
I pity that day;
that cold, gloomy day.
In that month of December,
where my heart was in its May.
Blossomed and warm;
you were my spring right away.
I still remember that day...
Like it was just yesterday.
May 2014 · 494
Not to be
Özcan Mermaid May 2014
You were you,
and I was me.
That was why,
we could not be.
Jan 2014 · 1.2k
Özcan Mermaid Jan 2014
He was in love in a time I was not,
he fell out slowly;
I fell in. Deeply and tragically.
update: it wasn't love
Jan 2014 · 500
Özcan Mermaid Jan 2014
My head aches from the thoughts of you ravaging my mind,
your face burns;
your voice reprising over and over, a thousand times.
Jan 2014 · 661
Tears lost at Sea
Özcan Mermaid Jan 2014
To you, I was a tear drop in the sea; bitter and salty.
She was the entire ocean; a mystery crystal clear.
Nov 2013 · 690
Hidden Sorrows
Özcan Mermaid Nov 2013
She lost herself in her sadness and drowned sorely in her tears.
Emotions flooding;
shivers down her spine,
freezing into the depth of her bones,
Hurting. She hides... Like the moon behind the sun;
aches and sorrow behind her smile.
Nov 2013 · 613
Black Soul
Özcan Mermaid Nov 2013
Your eyes like your soul.
Dark; Black as coal.
Oct 2013 · 590
Özcan Mermaid Oct 2013
As I carve your initials into my skin, blood pours from my punctured veins, crying out your name; it echoes, lingering in my ears; haunting my dreams.
Oct 2013 · 1.1k
Anaemic Heart
Özcan Mermaid Oct 2013
Your heart belongs to me,
I clench to it; in the palm of my pale cold, hands.
I feel myself holding onto something that is not mine,
and will never be. (I let go.)  
My mind floods with unanswered questions;
suffocating... I gasp; struggling to breathe.
Why must you cause me so much misery and pain? Yet I find myself doing the same.

— The End —