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Sin Jan 2021
Abandoned by the cold hands of love
Feel the ice flowing into my heart
Dearest winter why thou do you cull
My sunshine for your soul

Tis it not enough the trees lay bare
And the ground becomes barren
Songs of the winter thrush do pierce
The stillness of your
Chilling breath

I see you cry icicles
As lonely your heart doth bare
Just let me hold you close
To dream of summer fair

For now my winter
I must hide
Beneath skins of great brown bears
Until you fall in love with me
Your ice I shall replace with warmth
And love you
With heartfelt care
Sin Jan 2021
Still I web over stoney ground
To find my way back home
Trickles of past lay behind
In puddles ***** brown

Calling out to distant dreams
Finding lost kisses
And a hand to hold
Guiding towards the path I miss
Quenching my desire

Be the tender eyes to hold
My soul that needs a home
Cradle me in patchouli mist
For love you are to me
Sin Dec 2019
We stood in silence on that morn
Waiting for the call
Cold and bitter bites the wind
As the mortars fall
Eyes so wide fear so strong
Each man waits in turn
For soon the sound will approach
To signal the final spur
Brothers in arms
One by one
Climb above the dirt
Since will fall before the start
Other's hear the call
To battle then my bravest sons
For freedom and the love
Not one life dies in vain
A soul carried by the dove
With dread and fear in their hearts
The final push begins
To save this land and all we love
Our closest dearest kin
Sin Dec 2019
Flutter by butterfly
Dancing on the air
Wings of rainbows
Painting hues
For all of us to see
Sin Dec 2019
Come lay here be my heart
For the sounds of summer are gonna part
Winter waits upon a breath
Frosty mornings
Call in the dark
Making love to you
Beneath bluebell sheets
Let me tell you how I love
Holding close the soul
That fires my dreams
As hazel eyes
Drown me in
Sin Dec 2019
On the pavement is my bed

People pass me by

Looking at me

Going outta my head

With hunger and dying light

No thought for me

No time for a chat

Just to see if I'm alive


I don't want your money

Just a smile will do

A friendship hand to reach out now

To say it's not so blue

It's no one's fault how my path did change

That's life I'm afraid

Just in the wrong place

On this earth

Someday I'll find a way

So just remember when you see

A lost soul like me

A guiding light is all I need

To make it feel alright
Sin Dec 2019
She wore a scarlet letter
So all could see her now
The harlot of the village
Her head now a bow
Forbidden love
It came to her
Washed her like a summer spring
Her smile born from happiness
Until the dark was seen
Her heart it loved
She knew no wrong
But alas it was a curse
For his love was taken
Already held
By the woman he did marry
So now she wanders so alone
The cold it bites so harsh
And stares they eat away
In her heart
She truly knows
That love will find a way
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