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Michael Bauer Mar 2019
Backyard El Rancho
This is how we tell time here
Turntable and dry
Michael Bauer Mar 2019
I came to this world on a cloud
A code shot timely in a space of endless nothing
Down upon the firmament so pure
To impregnate the first bright spring

It seems that nothing ever counts as fable
To each his own in thoughts built by his kind
And if you meet a man who is unable
Make him into a man of good and grace refined

The beggard jew came down upon the land
Shaping these elements into forms small and grand
Then zipping off back to that old great center
At the start an infinite equidistance back
Michael Bauer Feb 2019
What creatures crawled from the sea
Then split in two to go each way;
To come back again and make three
In a dance of cosmic play?

One was endowed with a rod of creation
The other with an endless void
Designed to fit just right
Just like a child's toy

When I'm hard and potent it's intense
Feels like I'm holding back the power of the sun
And then for fun I come undone
Squirting my fertilizer all over the floor

I'm a ****** so I don't know much
But I can form a perfect image in my mind
So any face I find
I can make it with

What creatures crawled from the sea?
One given a rod of creation
The other with an endless hole
And instructed through pleasure to achieve one goal
Michael Bauer Feb 2019
As society unrolls
And the deep state controls
I look to the ancients
For my deepening soul

It flowed in a dream
Some subconscious flash in the night
Then ebbed back by morning
To disappear in the light

The deep soul is watching
Recording everything
Teaching lessons each night
From the experience of the infinitude

It flowed from a dream
Something vague yet compelling
The deep soul is watching
The eternal eye sees
Michael Bauer Feb 2019
I was content to become a revolutionary ***
Until I bought the dream
And said I'll work and do my share
To build a life beyond compare

First I'd have to pay my debt
And save some capital in 10 years
To rebuild credit and get a down payment
To learn of love not fear

I realized the political world mirrors the spiritual
The wealthy are angels of god
While the liberals are demons of satan
Who corrupt all materials

So I registered as a Republican
And held fast to that dream
We shouldered the burden we were made to do
Which was coded by hands unseen
Michael Bauer Jan 2019
You've all been warned
The end is nigh
But do not be afraid to die

The deep state is orchestrating genocide
In the name of a bigger world
But the playing field will be leveled
By Jesus as a girl

We are anonymous
You can't stop us
We fall like rain
Then go back up the drain

Ra, Elohim, Ja and Judah
I summon thee to sit like Buddha
And here we all will chat
Where I sleep on my living room mat

You've all been warned
The end is nigh
So do not be afraid to try
To sew up what's been torn

I came down with the Nephilim
So many years ago
To try and build a better world
The code is in my O

I summon the gods of antiquity
To fall upon their knees
And dissolve into the endless creator
In multiples of three

The deep state is committing genocide
They want to build a better world
Someone has to even the score
As singularity unfurls
Michael Bauer Dec 2018
Walked through Union Station
The other night after a concert
The station was mostly empty
Just the cleaners and some bums

Went down into the underground
Toward the Metro Redline terminal
Was walking down the stairs
And stepped on something soft

I looked back a few steps
A large grey rat laid dying
On the second to last step
Kicking its leg spastically

Sadness dropped upon me
Thank God for poor timing
I walked on to the outbound train
Michael the Accidental Rat Trap
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