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She can walk
             night and day
               never letting either
                  get in her way.
She learned this trick
                     many moons ago
                     going deep within
           and never letting it show.
Her soul is innocent
her heart is pure
she’s gone through more
than most could endure.
            She’s an angel of light
                 an angel of dark
                 you never know
              what you will spark.
                      You want to hurt her?
                         Please, go ahead and try
                           she’ll be the one to show you
                                  just how well she can
­                                                                l­
                                                                ­  y.
                                  Her soul innocent
                    her heart pure
      but never think for one minute
that she’s not secure.
                                Say what you will
                          please, do what you must
                       but your jealousy and hatred
                             won’t waver her trust!
Even Those Angels Out There Have Their Limits…..
bri Sep 2018
I am sick and tired
of hearing sorry
for the same ****

you already know
how everyone else
broke me

& I thought you were different
but you were lying about the same ****

& you thought  I needed another crack
in my already ruptured heart
that only you could give

the fragments
you helped me pick back up
are now shattered even more

at some point
we all break

but how many times
until I can't pick myself back up again?
drapetomani ;

(n) an overwhelming urge to run away
bri Aug 2018
life is never fair;
why is it that
the good die young
& the bad live freely?

that's why people give up,
why people break down.
nothing they do is good enough,
why people end their life too soon.

the irony is
that the good
will continue to die young
because their whole life
they've been told
they aren't good enough
or worse,
they are 'too much'

too sensitive,
too quiet,
too observant,
too introverted,
too curious,
too independent,
too careful,
too blunt,
too caring,
too honest,
too, too much.

but really,

they are too little of everything you are too much of.

(n.) the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person
bri Aug 2018
Never trust anyone,
best advice I've ever been given.
But do I listen?
I know I can't trust a soul
but yet around I go,
letting people break down my walls
when they have no intention of helping me
build it back up
if it ever comes crashing down.

I can feel the bricks I let you pick
away from my shield
tumble down
around me now.
It takes my breath away,
with each stone that hits me
bruising my already battered heart.

Now, I am under rubble
stuck under my own broken walls
I built to protect myself
from men like you.

And here I know,
I have to start over.
Am I able to build my wall high enough
to keep out the next one who tries to steal my heart
& heal myself from all the wounds
I've caused myself from letting the wrong ones in?
plural -s
: a solitary wanderer
bri Jul 2018
The world shakes
every time
you kiss me

Our earth quaking love
send shivers down
the spines of those
who do not

continued passion ; unyielding
bri Jul 2018
the look you gave me
when we first met
it was like you
knew me more
than anyone I've
ever known.
you looked at me
you looked at my soul,
not my face,
not my body,
not my beauty.
you looked at me
& who I am
deep inside.
you understood me
from the minute our eyes
my presence was all you wanted
you ached for me
i set my heart on you
or e·o·ni·an
[ee-oh-nee-uh n]
eternal; everlasting.
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