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Nadia Hasan Aug 2016
If you love me in my strength
don't hate me in my weakness


I keep thinking

Where will bottom be for you?
I told you that I love you always,
and that is still true.

My family,
my heart,
don't be ashamed.

Don't turn away.

I am still here,
I am here, be still.
I know you can get through this.

Stop thinking you have to hide.
  Feb 2015 Nadia Hasan
The words
Be happy
They make me angry
For the words be happy
Do not fix me

The words
Just eat
They irritate me
For the words just eat
Wont make me hungry

  Oct 2014 Nadia Hasan
Silence Screamz
When did it visit me?
I really don't know when.
It came out of nowhere,
I feel that it's a sin.

Naked in the shower,
washing up clean.
I felt this little lump,
scared and unforeseen.

Feeling all alone,
I looked up to the sky.
Fingers locked together,
I asked the Lord, "Why?"

Now, I lay in silence,
while the tumor grows inside.
Putting up these walls,
all I do is cry.

Months have gone by,
with the chemo and the draws.
The sickness took my *******,
now that's the final straw.

It's been six months now,
I struggled for my life.
I beat the **** cancer.
My mother is a breast cancer survivor. But I also wrote this for all the survivors and to the ones to whom that lost their battle with this disease!  PLEASE SHARE AND LET THIS TREND!!
  Sep 2014 Nadia Hasan
Joshua Haines
I'm in love with someone's daughter
living in the shards of a broken home
Cutting herself on two year-old letters
These are moments she can't fake;
reasons to feel alone
So used to abuse, her tears start to shake
I hold her close as her head starts to ache
"I love you too much,
so I can't let your heart break."
She said, "I know you love me,
but you've made a mistake."

I never meant for anyone to be my pulse.
I promise not to step on your feet
if you teach me how to waltz.
  Sep 2014 Nadia Hasan
Tyler Durden
I prefer you over sleep
Your dark brown eyes engulf me
Keep talking
Drowned out my enemy's
I prefer sad faces
Over bright smiles
I'm attracted to broken people
So why can't I love myself?
Drape your black hair over my pillow again
Make these thoughts go away
I prefer you over sleep
I prefer music over nicotine
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