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Australia    Just an expression of my overloaded thoughts.
U.K    Copyright ©2013-2019 simpleton
Frank Ruland
25/M/Virginia Beach, Virginia    I haven't been active in awhile, but I'm trying to change that. I'm somewhere in between unbridled joy with fathering my 8-month old daughter and ...
Elysian Dreams
Melbourne    I honestly do not understand what I write most if not all of the time, and I don't think I ever will.
Singapore    I bleed on paper in the form of ink
Florida    sometimes quiet is violent
Musfiq us shaleheen
47/M/Dhaka, Bangladesh    Love is for yours Love is for mine And we are for each other. @ Musfiq us shaleheen I have bided you, in the center ...
Junior ideal legacy
vegas    All are my poems just my point of view or opinion My free expression in writing! Kush is nature God is all Muisc is life
Roisin Sullivan
24/F/United States    Getting back into the swing of things
Alexandra Garfield
In order to, I was given a thorn
Manila, PH   
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Hemel Hempstead    Poet and short story writer. My short stories are mainly horror. I was attacked in 1997 and my left leg badly burnt which led me ...
Philippines    I used to indulge in eating my feelings. Until I picked up a pen and wrote it on paper.
Jessica Head
22/F/Fort A La Corne    If you love the bubbles set them free.
Michael W Noland
Seattle    It is all true
Amanda In Scarlet
London, UK    I love that moment of connection and the lump in your throat when you find a really special poem. And I've read many, many special ...
Lyrics Without Music
Tal'Dorei    I don't claim to be good at this. I just thought I'd share. All of the nonsense posted below is my own.
Riya Trehan
New Delhi   
Patrick Diaz
20/M/Manila    read slowly
Fragano Ledgister
Atlanta    I am the one who said: Do you not see, the late year trees are blooming and once again we come to feel a spring. ...
Connecticut    Born in a faraway village along the LoC. I Spent some of my childhood playing in the Mountains of Kashmir and the rest in the ...
Sarah Emad
Qatar    A masochistic artist, in love with a narcissistic artist. An interior Designer. A reader/writer. An Art practitioner. "Art, books, prayer, world peace.." The usual insightful ...
Pushing Daisies
Blinded by the heavy rain
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