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Nik Bland Aug 26
Lack of breath
Scared to death
No defense
Don’t even know what’s wrong

Feather in the gale
Existence so frail
Please don’t blink
I’m afraid that you might miss me

Unorganized at best
Yet behind nonetheless
Minutes written down
In a ledger I will see too late

Run down
Try to keep together
Sinking ground
Trying to be better
Catching up more and more
Nik Bland Aug 22
You were supposed to be there
Five foot three with brunette hair
With eyes that held the kind of stare
That could strip these walls down

Bring me back to ground

Sounding words out to make sure the emphasis
Is on the feeling I found I missed
Which you showed me within a kiss
That was some thing new
Temporary bliss

And now you’re this

There’s a new perspective
Mission statements paint directives
As I dive into introspective
To make sure intents are pure

Is this intense? Well, sure...

So long a heart obscure
Feelings, malady and cure
Potent potions cause commotions
That I must endure
In an analysis of myself
So I might be worthy of the wealth
That comes in the form of a girl
Of a gift beyond this world
Coveted amongst any and all
The darkness broken by creeping dawn

A hope that you may text back
But a knowing that you’re
Nik Bland Aug 13
There was
In the everyday
And a wishing
That the wind
Carry her
To another life
Where the world was
Less than
The backpack of
That she carried
That she carries
Double loaded
Packed so tightly
That it could break
And break her
Any moment
And take time
That she never had
One of a million millions
Scattered faces
Nothing special
To anyone
Especially them
In a moment
It would replay
In the morning
But still she
And for that alone
Dismay is her weight
And she’s strong
Nik Bland Aug 13
Distant memories
Fluctuating crescendos
I would let them go
But they’re already well past gone

Is this moving on?
Involuntarily ripping
Steady stripping
Of all I deem near
Of all that seems dear
It rises, then falls
Like thoughts of the shore

When was the last time
It filled your lungs
The scent of a happy day
The taste of that fleeting moment

Who was there that made it all
Worth it


And do you chase them?
Though they’re nowhere in sight
Nik Bland Aug 13
If I break my heart then I can share pieces with you
And with the state of mind I’m in, it seems the thing to do
But what if you take the biggest one and leave the rest of me behind?
Will my eyes open wider or will my intentions leave me blind

What if I were to give my best as so often we are taught
Only to find that your affection is not one gained, but bought
Will my pockets imitate my hands, my heart, and emptiness ensue
For me to come to the conclusion my best is not enough for you?

You left me scatter brained from the first, the very sight
A consistent fact that proves itself by keeping me up at night
Losing someone requires that you had them in the first place
And the silence insists on lessons gained and pieces gone to waste
Nik Bland Aug 8
These are broken days
Breaking days
And we succeed
By simply keeping
It all together
It mostly together
Some of it together
Seconds tearing us apart

I want to be there
How is your heart?

Parting words in days
Quickly departing days
As we succeed in
Doing something
Finding somewhere
Wanting enough that
The doing gets done
When eyes open
And we choose to get out of bed

And out of our own heads
Amidst the stress and lonesomeness

Rise from the lonely days
Though lonely, lovey days
As we succeed with
Each breath
Each breath taken
And those we donate it to
No matter the task
No matter the mission
To look at a world of spiraling hate
And to choose
The shortest distance
Between a supply and demand of love

To find the straight line
Love as the crow flies
Nik Bland Aug 8
He won a long time ago
Something I failed to see
And I lost what I never had
Foolish, persistent me

There was no contest
Yet the loss feels the same
A simple slip was all it took
And it’s an utter shame

And I’ll blame me though you will it not
These are how these things go
Three word meant you were lost to me
As the fight came down to blows

He won a long time ago
It was never up to me
You love was written, you heart was given
And it took up to now to concede
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