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 Sep 2019 Vish
but dear,
if we humans were only ever meant to be beautiful

we wouldn't have been born in
the dirt .
you don't need to change .
 Sep 2018 Vish
Delia Darling
In the midst of these words I write
It so happened upon me
A silver sight of flickered light
Appeared in space and sea
First star, so pure and bright
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have less thoughts to think at night...
 Sep 2018 Vish
William Williamson
A dream more than dreamt
Not seen but felt
Feeling the purest joy
Unnatural almost
To be so unspoiled

With people loved
But faces unknown

If only
If only

A dream so pure
Makes the real so fake

If only
If only

The image now fading
But the feelings remaining

If only I could forget
That life
That perfect life
 Sep 2018 Vish
Samuel Canerday
 Sep 2018 Vish
Samuel Canerday
A sun settles over chasing dawn
Looming fate approaches drawn
By carriages of hate that ramble
Reprobate to wander willing of that
Which elevates soul to levels
Thrice unknown by the deep
And whitish bone man is able
For a while to disable that
Which smiles in the pit
Of sorest bind and fires lit
Matching each the others wit
Price for enmity, judging fit
 Sep 2018 Vish
I see things from the corner of my eye
I've never told anyone that

back and forth
on my front porch

a man
a lost woman

the monster under my bed
now lies beside me

when you asked me an important question
I lied to you

be happy
it wasn't to your face

camouflaged in the dark
If I see things
I should be their friend

Your God blessed me with no sound

I'll never hear the shadows
walk around me
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