nehpetS navE Mar 24

it's funny how the sky mimicks
some souls
the broken ones, the lonely
the fearful and the cold,
the grey clouds drift by
as the clock ticks, they fill the sky
go wherever the breeze blows
they pour out their everything
a shower here, some lightning there,
left dreadfully empty
they slowly start to disappear
gone, not remembered, just gone

most of the lives below are thankful,
a few are sad, but soon move on.

isn't it funny how the clouds mimick my soul?

nehpetS navE Mar 18

the stars were out tonight
Remember the night we stared at them for hours?
finding our own signs, connecting the dots to form hearts that turn into flowers.
Remember the cold stormy nights, we tried to tie the tightest human knot?
nobody would be able to untie it, nobody would tear us apart.
Remember the day we ventured into nowhere but knew that there was no place we'd rather be?
because although we were nowhere, all that mattered was that it was with me.
Remember our talks, the tear-jerking ones looking at my eyes looking into yours?
we'd stare into each others souls, know each other so well but still want to know more.
do you Remember when you gave me your heart and you took mine?
we trusted each other, not only with our hearts, but the deepest darkest depths of our minds.

I don't think you can answer right now, so I'll ask you tonight, when my eyes are closed, my mind drifts into a human knot entangled in your love while I look into your soul.

— The End —