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My-broken-heart Mar 2016
My mind is on overdrive,
Currently working overtime,
I'm overthinking and its slowly killing me.
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
I am made of nervous energy;
I cannot stop,
I am not quiet,
I will never be still.
My-broken-heart Feb 2016
I nearly froze
As I walked down the aisle,
I realised with shock
It was the first time I saw him smile.

I saw his smirk everyday
I’d seen him laugh and cry,
But he had never looked so happy
Smiling in his black suit and tie.

My father guided me forward
I was dressed in white lace,
My own smile was hidden
By the veil that covered my face.

I stood before him now
Slowly he took my hand,
And placed a soft kiss on my forehead
Still smiling; things were going as planned.

He became more tense
As the ceremony went on,
He worried that he’d blink
And in a second I’d be gone.

But I was his, forever
I vowed ‘I do’
He smiled again, softly
And whispered ‘I love you’

I saw him smile a third time
As we were pronounced husband and wife,
He kissed me; gentle and passionate all at once,
And I knew this was the best day of my life.
My-broken-heart Feb 2016
Apparently it was true love
How foolish he had been,
To trust her completely
And not realise she was only keen,

To use him completely,
Until his smile was no longer seen
Leaving him hollow and bitter,
Oh how foolish he had been.
My-broken-heart Feb 2016
I’m sorry it ended like this,
There was no other way.
You told me how I couldn’t leave you,
But you never gave me a reason to stay.
My-broken-heart Feb 2016
Through all of this, I am my own person
Full of quirks and imperfections,
I am not perfect, nobody is,
But my heart is still beating, beating loud and proud
And as long as it does, I will keep smiling because I am,
I am me.

~ a poem : part 8/8
This is an 8 part poem, with a new part added each day. Thank you for reading and feedback is appreciated!
My-broken-heart Feb 2016
I am stubborn
I will fall countless times but I will rise again,
This time only to stand taller than before.
My pride will carry me forward; my determination will not be lost.
Life may have won the battle, but I will win the war.

~ a poem : part 7
This is an 8 part poem, with a new part added each day. Thank you for reading and feedback is appreciated!
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