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 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
Can't keep my eyes from melting
Those tears that they've been smelting
Because loneliness is pelting
Poor young, forsaken me

Can't keep my eyes from wondering
Why silence is now thundering
Between us and its sundering
Poor young forsaken me

Can't keep my eyes from missing
Those lips that I've been kissing
But now they keep on enlisting
Poor young forsaken me

Enlisting me to cry and
Enlisting me to try

Because if he's not here beside me
Then I might as well have
I haven't heard from him for a day and I'm just worried>.<
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
"can we just stay like this for a little bit more?"

"ill stay anywhere, anytime, with you"
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
The night
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
The night
I let go of all the stress
Was the very night I knew I was never gong to regret.
The night, I first set eyes on you, walking towards me
The night I finally made sense of all the nonsense in my head
The night
I poured my soul out to you
Was the night I committed my greatest sin
The sin of letting a toxic entity into me
Into my heart
You corrupted my good heart
With your words of torture
With your neglect
You sugar coasted all the torturing activity
With meaningless I love you's
And ****** ***
With a love sick torturing mind of getting your attention
I excelled in all your desires
While you failed in mine
I was there to pick you up when you fell
When you broke
And when you fell and broke
You dragged me down that hole with you
You killed my spirit
I lost my soul
You killed my heart
Im all alone
You killed me
The girl that finally showed you what love is
But even that mere thing
Wasn’t enough to hold you back
Now I lie 6 feet under you
Even now
I don’t mean anything to you
 Feb 2016 Nancy Raj
its extremely difficult to be a hopeless romantic
when you cant necessarily be romantic towards
the person you're so hopeless for.
Oh my goodness I really am falling for someone right now, i know it’s too soon to feel anything, I know he doesn’t feel the same way but I wish he did..he’s so incredible, he makes me laugh so much and makes me smile and even blush at times. And he’s honestly really pretty LIKE man this boy is pretty. And he has a really nice smile and such a cute laugh. I really just want to kiss him the next time I see him.
 Jan 2016 Nancy Raj
I don’t want to fall asleep
Cause death is not that far
From the other side of wakefulness
 Jan 2016 Nancy Raj
 Jan 2016 Nancy Raj
My head is now feeling light,
And I am slowing going to sleep in the night.

The deed is done,
I know I have not won.

My eye lids are closing so slow,
Capturing the last of life's show.

I am starting to feel free,
Accepting what is to be.

I will go with a smile,
And watch over you for a while.

Love for all,
As I take my last fall.
 Jan 2016 Nancy Raj
Nat Lipstadt

a flawless poem
if such there were,
will always be,
the next one

my poor soul,
my rag tag heart,
has no censor,
so careless, reckless,
as if words were but
frivolous treasures,
easy get, easy spent

if only,
how I wish,
could harvest my best,
and with golden cutlery,
the single flawless poem
that I know is in my possess

lay down this hand, so weary,
from cupping tears,
be satisfied at long last,
so much so,
that when my casket lowered,
two hands in repose companioned,
clutching his best,
to ease the rest,
a papered poem record to join his whited ash,
his flawless poem,

his very best

*now eternal,
at long last
first published here
Jan 13, 2014
 Jan 2016 Nancy Raj
Despite my best protestations
And all those hours wrought
With layer upon layers
Of debilitating frustrations
I find that I am fallen
Reckless heart affected
By loves unrequited affections
Silver eyes aflame
That wears poetry’s
And nature’s true name
The author of my desires
Only a digital ghost
Reflected in photos
And words
Flowers and philosophies
I imagine how they sound and tasted
Flowing from the soft full lips
I wish that I could only love
The spirit of her art
But my heart rends it valves
Spends blood furiously
Wanting the seen and unseen
Desiring the poetry of
Her body and mind
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