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Nancy Raj Jan 2016
The clock strucks midnight
another day set down
out of misery
plaintive songs the stars sing
another dismal night born
born to the hope of resuscitation.
It falls in
trapped in warmth of storm
that could never detach a leaf
on the top of it
wails a passing wind
for it never evanesced a teardrop,
and soaked with my teardrops
there lies my favorite pillow
golden brown,torn
waiting to feel my heartbeats
in sync with your footsteps.
But you never rang my bells
that whimsical tune
set for your phone call never buzzed,
and the beach near your place
we were to make sand pyramids at,
lies barren,lifeless.
What i hear
over the sound of sea waves hitting a stone
best of your venomous words
three months back
you spit out,then left.
In those few moments of your stay
my heart barely felt anyone's presence.
Now,here i stand
on my knees
impaled by the silence
stagnating my valor since then
begging for the echoes.
What if the words sound pungent,
they're yours anyway!
It is dark outside love,
and that fainted light
on the top of the tower
few meters from my window
never signalled your sojourn!
so i stay awake
untangling the variables of Algebra
to shape the letters of your name & engrave it over my wrist
then wash it away
so easily in the morning.
Though the feelings remain intact
once warm,now as cold as mid december
but unlike december
it conspires to last longer.
Longer that forever
devoid of the smudges of broken trust.
will you ever come?
Or am i not?
Not even worthy of a goodbye?
you left without a single word
whom should i try & look beautiful for?
The dark patches
underneath my eyes
horrid and unseemly
No,i dont wanna stay up at night
reading your message to your first love
but eulogise the drastically beautiful eyes you've got.
Mornings never brought bliss.
sunrays burnt my eyes rather make it shine.
These damaged eyes
find you ten folds better than
every other 6 feet tall guy
because no one else
treads over my heart
meliorating every bit of it,
the way you do
then coerce it to fall in for your guiltless flaws.
And if you remember
we met each other,
around this month
two years back.
I fell adrift.
Hoping you'd clasp me
it hurt
more than it could
more than it should
and if you choose to ruin me,
let me be ruined!
For the sake of the smile
i'm irrationaly in love with!
Yes, I am in love with you!
and willingly staying there.
You seem content unquestionably!
yet this heart longs to hear it in your voice.
Are you doing fine my love?
Will i ever know?
For i'm just a wish away
but you?
1762 Kilometers!
Nancy Raj Jan 2016
Half of the night
Repines the eyes
It breaks into tears

Half of the day
Spent engrossing oneself
Into an empty fear

Half of the melody
Sung in despair
While the eyes peep out
Hoping that you'd hear

Half of the heart
Beats incautiously for an outlander
Who dwells inside

Half of the mind
Wishes to let go
That has ever or never been mine

Half of me almost
Bereft of life

Other half, around you still lays entwined!
Nancy Raj Dec 2015
lifted mast high
how it dolls up
the lonely sky
as i lumber over my terrace
while the dusk breeze in
envisage some analogy
between that single star
and this forlorn lover
waiting since forever
for a mere touch
of his mere fingertip
just how this luminary
waits to be embraced
by the angelic moon
so i close my eyes
let my hand
run over my hair
while the flashes
of an uncelebrated goodbye
make me unair them
and look up to find
lingering in the sky
alone, yet not so alone
cherishing the entity of other
more than its own
i shut my eyes again
a gentle wind
vibrates through my veins
as i beseech
for their togetherness
i look up and find
and all at once
gets the sky
a fresh lease of life
and gets me into
the swing of moment
now when i look back on
the blank sky
much like my barren life
this eventuality somehow
aids my hope.
#Stars #Brokendreams #revitalize
Nancy Raj Feb 2016
tomorrow when you wake up
may your eyes shimmer
in the glance of an innate hope
behold the silhouette of someone
who mattered more
tomorrow when the sun shines
may your smile get a
fresh lease of life
and put a flavoured broadness
into mine
while we stand against
each other tomorrow
may you set
our past at defiance
strain every nerve
to give love
another chance

— The End —