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nd Aug 22
People find it funny, but they don't laugh

They mock it up

People say they love you, but they don't stay

They leave
nd Aug 2
"I promise you I will blah..."
"I promise you I won't blah..."
"I promise you this blah..."
"I promise you that blah..."
"I won't blah..."
"I will blah..."

"If someday I lose you, I won't find someone else" blah...
nd May 7
The sky, the clouds, the shadow, and the feel of looking at it just remind me about what happened in these last (probably) 5 months.

Red might burn nor hell, but it shows love more than anything could ever explain, express, execute.

Things that I deeply recognized from the storm is: it’s okay to cry, get mad, scream, shouting, swearing, lock hide exile yourself, run away, get distraction, etc.

But one thing to be kept in mind:
reborn, reshine, realize.
nd Apr 14
Water flows through the rivers, so does our feelings.
We let the wind bring us throung the sky, to make us realize that what we feel is real.
-not only a glimpse of uncertainty

Gaudy, it says.
nd Mar 31
no matter how loud I scream
I still hear nothing
I can't even hear my own voice
no matter how loud I scream
inner emotion
nd Oct 2021
you think you know all the things in this world
but you also think you don't know all the things that happened in this world
you seek for history, you seek for what might happen next
you try to find all the things you think you skipped, then you try to understand why

your head spinning around like a merry go round
then you forget that the Christmas is about to come
nd Oct 2021
you think you flow like the river
you think you fly like the plane
you think you fight like the rhinos

but honey,
you're a human

you live like a father
you love like a mom
you laugh like a kid
human equality
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