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 Mar 7 MsTruth
The power went off
The street was dark and quiet
One single star shines.
Empty eyes where you
Once reflected all the world
As it existed
 Jan 1 MsTruth
at the end of winding roads, you still follow.
I believe in everything you are
to me, you are the reason and the means
to anything and everything I need.
 Oct 2021 MsTruth
Isabella Howard
The streets have grown cold
I can't get lost in this city anymore.
The nighttime silence shakes me to the core
And memories are making me feel old.

I miss the solitude of lonely
I miss the dangers of new.
I came to this city with dreams of you.
I'm going wishing you never knew me.

I don't know if I'm right
To pack up and go
And leave you in your messes alone
But sometimes you have to give up on your dreams.

Just for the night.
 Oct 2021 MsTruth
In that ignorant
crowd, He found two companions,
Pain and loneliness!
This modern fast paced world is making people weak and lonely
 Sep 2021 MsTruth
 Sep 2021 MsTruth
going home isn’t always
returning to a place.
it is returning to yourself.
 Apr 2021 MsTruth
we are but the sand and the ocean.
you are the sand
warm, fine, comforting, golden
people always seem
to walk all over you,
but not me
for I am the ocean
deep, brave, pure, peaceful
and I try so hard to get to you
but every time I push myself
I always end up trickling back to where I belong
it's not fair
I want to belong to you

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