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  May 2020 tainted black
Samantha Cunha
Dark iris
veins tainted
and seaside dreams
guide me into
your nights

When my veil
is thin, and the truth
is floating in the
elusive wind

I follow the noise
and seek the storm
for my youth evades me
with each passing sigh

Dark iris
and burning pupils of desire,
I follow you to the unknown
place of worship

I pray to the dark moon
in awe of the sight
and dream of him
in black and white
tainted black May 2020
i've forgotten how
my words used to unfurl
like a folded piece of origami

it felt to write
like my blood was filled
with nothing but metaphors and ink

my words used to fit
with each other
utterly perfect together

all i see now,
are jumbled letters
looking too foreign and alien
in my eyes; unfamiliarity

what used to be
burning passion and life
in every piece now screams;
u   b   i    q    u    i   t   y

g    o    n    e
g    o    n     e

the story in a work done,
the feeling that emanated then,
the desire that kept it going,
g     o     n    e
it is all gone.
tainted black May 2020
i met a man
not a boy
or so i thought
that i did

he was the combo
of aftershave and cocoa,
with a sharp tongue
and is candid

often he was like winter,
cold and makes my body shiver
a torture and sometimes
makes me feel under the weather

in a rarity he is like summer
an explosion of warmth and radiance
beaming with heat;
turns out to be childish and sweet

i met a man, not a boy
who left in me imprints of mystery,
became the silence in my cacophony
and my own sense of reality
i really thought i did.
tainted black May 2020
i had tried my best
to put into rest
the heart that is for you;
still beating

but when your name
fills in my ear
my insides kept on

the trouble with forgetting thee
was not merely the process
of    p   l    a    i    n    l   y
f  o  r  g  e  t  t  i  n  g

it was bottling up some
a s h e n   b u t t e r f l i e s
and stitching a heart that's
m    e    n    d     i    n    g
the dread of getting out of love.
tainted black Apr 2020
how do you take down palisades
of mistrust and hurt and agony?
ear piercing cries;
of misplaced love and jealousy?

how do you forget mem'ries
of love and life and happiness
snapped out shut;
like a blinking bliss?

how can you, how can i
forget the metaphors i have carved?
out of you and words and tales
that's known by heart?
i'm quite happy that i'm back in writing poems.
tainted black May 2019
funny how i could see
the rolling tides of the sea
which lay behind your misty eyes
that feels like sunsets and summer nights

funny how you could shine
like the roaring sun in July
a joyous kid; i heave a sigh
how can you make a curve out of a line?

funny how i could envision you as a star
one i could see from afar
outstretched, out of my grasp
but i know you are there, as you always are
tainted black May 2019
i have longed to meet
one person who loved reading
one who lived more lives; still living
a wight athirst to read and relive each setting
tingling and searching a story for him to walk with his feet
to my man who's love for reading reading is equal to my love for him.
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