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Every person I meet I thought was the one,
But that soon all changed when they no longer were concerned.
So I say this to myself,
I am beautiful and strong,
I am cared for and loved
And before anyone else I will always make myself the one.
I deserve what my heart is worth, which is worth a thousand words.
I will always love me first until someone shows me I can trust.
 Sep 2020 michelle reicks
I make empty promises
I wish you'd stop this
I wish you'd notice

we fall behind each other

I had lots of dreams
turn into nightmares

I'm good
I'm really good

I'm very bad
so bad
all the time

keep them

I can hear the winter sadness

to be cold and alone
frozen and sad

all these dead promises
fading into the sky
 Jan 2016 michelle reicks
Staring across the bar, it was love at first sight
- eyes so wide- I think I gave her a fright
She thought it was a *** look
thought she could read me like a textbook
wary of my advance
refusing me a chance
avoiding my glance
I put down my glass
in a stance
weakened by my lovestruck trance,
simply asked for a dance
 Jan 2016 michelle reicks
another shooting star
dances across
the night sky
but this time
i wished
for happiness

because i know
i'll never have
your arms wrapped
around me no matter
how many wishes
          it takes
North Charleston, South Carolina,
Officer Michael T. Slager fires
At Mr. Walter L. Scott,
Unarmed and running away...
Detained for a traffic stop.

Simple math,
These bullets Eight
Into Mr. Scott:
Five Bullets found him:
Three in the back
One in the rear
One through an ear...
Three bullets whizzed away.

And when Scott fell,
Slager yanked his arms
Behind his back
To cuff his hands...
Ghosts don't take to cuffs
The shooting was enough.

I have not been a marcher,
But I have seen enough,
I have seen enough.
No words can do justice, but the video shows what happened. If this officer isn't convicted of ******, where is justice. God help us.
 Apr 2015 michelle reicks
Amy Y
I haven’t felt connected in so long and it feels distant, cold and rigid.
I’m reading brail and you’re whispering gibberish in my ear.
I want you to feel my heartbeat and blink along with its rhythm
but you’re preoccupied scratching skin and cleaning cuts.
Your head’s above water and I’m drowning, sinking deep.
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