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Dipper Sep 2021
If there is a God he’s not
In this room
Tonight it’s just me
And the moon
And you

The sky’s a bit brighter from your
Point of view
Tonight it’s just me
And the moon
And you

Wherever we may go you always
Leave to soon
But tonight it’s just
And the moon
And you
Dipper Sep 2021
I got drunk in class
For the first time this week
It wasn’t quite as fun
As I’d thought it would be

Now I have a headache
With an inkling of fear
Because I drank up all my liquor
And I can’t find my beer
Dipper Sep 2021
The seasons are changing
The sun has gone away
He needs a vacation
It’s been a long day

It’s sunset in the city
It’s midnight my bed
And I can’t seem to stop your voice
From entering my head
Dipper Aug 2021
It’s hot inside this kitchen
I bet it’s warm in your bed
I can’t seem to bar your voice from my head
So say hi to your girlfriend
I hope that she’s okay
I kind of wish I was her,
I think that everyday
I think I’m kind of happy
At least more so than I was
Lately you’ve been looking happy
So who am I to mess that up
Dipper Aug 2021
Can you be sober and
Hungover at the same time?
I’ve been clean for five
Weeks and my head’s still spinning
How long does it take to find
Peace of mind?
There’s a war inside my head
I don’t think I’m winning

There was a treaty drafted at
Inpatient care
We both know that it’s
Just for show
These days my lungs have trouble
Finding air
And my legs can’t choose which way to go
Dipper Aug 2021
The heat these past few evenings
Has me sweating through my sheets
Even inside it still feels hard to breathe
I’ll let my lungs fill up
With the fresh air of the morning
Until the day makes it’s presence known to me
Dipper Aug 2021
I wrote this in the summer
It rained again here last week
The water droplets washed my sadness down a storm drain
And the sunrise brought a light I used to seek

I wrote this in the starlight
Constellations framing the ocean sky
The twilight zone a canvas brushed in silky black
A painting made for just you and I

I wrote this all alone
I kind of wish that you were real
It’s okay I have this guitar to keep me company
These six strings taught me how to feel
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