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The alchemist,
See's what others do not see,
Finds peace in the pursuit of their quest,
Endeavors to do what others say cannot be done,
Thinks internally and is not swayed by the views and opinions of others,
Knows that the path is more important than the goal.
© H V Swan
 Sep 2014 Mia Diederich
They guided her,
They were friends since she made their acquaintance,
She didn't know all of them,
But the ones she did, she knew them well,
And guarded them fiercely,
For in the times they lived in,
They were abused, brutally abused,
Stripped off their meaning, bastardized
And she couldn't stand it
To her, they represented so much more than a space filling sound,
And using them inappropriately, would just not do
They were her comrades,
Her support system,
They answered questions,
- She couldn't ask,
They questioned ideas,
- She thought unquestionable,
They fooled her some times,
But never by their intention,
She played with them,
Weaved one of a kind garments out of them,
And gifted them to the ones she really loved, like a specially knit sweater,
They kept her warm,
They kept her content,
They kept her hungry,
~ Words
Only words,
Are all that she had...
To do so much more,
Than take your heart away
Some times we say as an expression, "words failed me", but more often than not, we're the ones failing words. Use them wisely.
 Sep 2014 Mia Diederich
Where are my thoughts?
And where is my head?
I'm filled with static channels instead

I feel no heartbeat next to my ribs
As if cold metal replaced my limbs

How do I get off this drug?
And give up lackadaisical hugs?
When I'm a television set
Repeating reruns until death
why am i
so afraid
so stupid
so unconventional
so depressed
so hopeful
so cut off
so open
so worried
so trusting
so afraid

of every **** thing
every ******* thing
to give myself
to give everything
pulling back at the last second
he offered me forever
and i ran away
the truth hurts

i am afraid
so very afraid
to make a promise
for i fear it will be broken
before it's made
this is my truth
i throw myself into the mess
and rip myself out
to hide tattered
in a corner
i don't want to be broken

because it hurts more
to put yourself back together
than to fall apart

this is my confession
i will run
if you give me a chance
i will run if you ever decide
to try

with me
don't let me run
i know you don't want me
no one really ever has
and i hold the blame
but if you try
don't let me run

me close
and i will hold you
please listen to me
for this is a truth
you must know
i will hurt you before you hurt me
because that's how
i've learned to survive

don't let me break you
break myself
if you give me a try
don't let me leave after one night
show me it's okay
safe to stay
I dream
She lies
with her eyes open
flying fish leaping
from two placid oceans
catching moonlight
in their silver scales

I wake
She lies awake, not seeing
that I watch her
talk to God
I can tell from her fathomless gaze
And I am amazed
at how far her eyes
can see

She lies, I lie
woken in each others eyes
My pond, her ocean
I drift – in her devotion
to seek beyond measure,
Yet it’s not the conquest
of her vision
but the silence
in her surrender

She lies awake
My eyes opened,
At sea, it’s
us three,
an angler of stars
the Beloved
And thee
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