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  Sep 2014 Mia Diederich
Haydn Swan
The alchemist,
See's what others do not see,
Finds peace in the pursuit of their quest,
Endeavors to do what others say cannot be done,
Thinks internally and is not swayed by the views and opinions of others,
Knows that the path is more important than the goal.
© H V Swan
Mia Diederich Sep 2014
The weathers pretty bleak today
and so are my feelings too really
  Sep 2014 Mia Diederich
Where are my thoughts?
And where is my head?
I'm filled with static channels instead

I feel no heartbeat next to my ribs
As if cold metal replaced my limbs

How do I get off this drug?
And give up lackadaisical hugs?
When I'm a television set
Repeating reruns until death
Mia Diederich Sep 2014
I gave in to temptation and fell so far from grace
I've lost all innocents and shame
But that's the price you pay for love
It's sometimes so unjust and unkind
But the forbidden fruit
It always tastes so good
Well isnt it strange
How much we gain
From all the sadness and the pain
© Mia Diederich
  Sep 2014 Mia Diederich
don't joke with me
as i go up in smoke
light me on fire
to bring yourself higher
right in front of you
watch my skin peel
where all my scars healed
look at this vibrant color
my burning flesh
contrast to my icicle heart
i drip
off in bits
and you keep laughing
how funny
that you could convince me
this'd make me happy
tied me to a stake
i said i couldn't wait
you lit the match
and we both watched it catch
i'm not amused
not anymore
i see now it's abuse
as i turn to ash
and breathe my last
Sometimes it's too late to stop something.
Conversations with myself in the mirror.
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