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a May 2018
crack my spine
read between my lines
i am all colour

your unseeing eyes
my delicate spine;
a Mar 2018
I have wasted too much
of this darkness.
I have dampened it
until dawn.
when I lay my eyes on tomorrow,
I'll arise like the sun.
a Nov 2017
he said
"I think that I'm getting my life back on track"

and so
I must say

a Nov 2017
it's plain to see
for I have suffered such silence
I can hear your screams
I cannot help you
turning to ignorance in order to cope
I turn my back on you
it's plain to see
There is so much I could do
  Nov 2017 a
Alyssa Faye Heckart
I have said
I’m sorry
So many
So many different
That once upon a time my mouth forgot how to make other shapes
And I’ve had to work on rebuilding
Brick by brick
So many times that I fear this red clay
Will never leave my nails
And I promised that I would better at
So that I could break the windows of this home before anyone else had a chance to even pick up a stone
Once upon a time I made my resolution
Under the fireworks
And god, I’m
T r y i n g
And other people aren’t homes
But this space is so much more comfortable
With a few other souls.
I don’t mean to run,
But sometimes I just have to go.
Have a cup of coffee with me sometime,
Don’t forget your jacket,
I miss you,
This made me think of you,
Remember that time we danced in the rain?
I’ll see you soon,

And if you didn’t hear me say it earlier,
love you.
There’s a million ways to say one thing.
a Nov 2017
even love is not enough
when I shut my self in
paralysed with guilt
I don't want to hurt you
by telling you how much you're hurting me.
a Nov 2017
one drop
and you will see straight through me
read beneath the lines
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