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Jun 2019 · 459
Beauty of loneliness
Anamika megan Jun 2019
The sun sets and darkness restores,
Sitting by sea shore its beauty I adore.
For the starry sky and cosmos' gold dust,
Pure and ardent love of ocean I behold.
With red wine and nebula birthing stars,
Here I sit to solace the sorrow of dying shooting stars.
Oct 2018 · 280
Anamika megan Oct 2018
Wild Always Seems Wild To The Wild
Oct 2018 · 251
Is this my Destined World?
Anamika megan Oct 2018
Under unfounded skies;
My soul has been buried alive.
A dreadful fear creeps in,
as the treading sound comes closer.
My bones can barely make a move to hide.
The dark creature dwells out every night,
in hunt for skin.
He prowls in;
With the hunger of flesh in his eyes.
His cursed fingers,
Burning my skin.
Not a place left unbruised from the greed of his pleasure.
My Soul bleeds out,
as he thrashes himself into me.
The pain ebbs to my bone
Giving me a wailful cry.
It keeps dragging me down every time I make an attempt to climb out o' this hell.
If only you could listen;
You would hear the crashing pieces of my Hope.
A Hope to escape my Destined World.

           ***** for several nights.
  I'm the voice of a 3 year old girl.
Sometimes I don't get , what is this world?...where are we living??....

— The End —