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  Jan 2017 Mayela
Walter W Hoelbling
only small minds believe
putting others down
makes themselves bigger
Mayela Jan 2017
Making love to you feels like you shot me in the throat,
That bulletproof glass broke,
You shot right through as if it was easy to you.
You said you love me and you showed me the proof,
All that's left is to just satisfy you.
Mayela Jan 2017
I knew things beforehand,
I knew things after that hand,
Digging and clawing a way in the sand,
Looking for something to grab,
Safe for a second or two,
Drifting back to the old you,
Remebering when you were at your best,
And then falling in to your worst,
Can't stop this "curse."
Boo hoo
  Jan 2017 Mayela
i had the universe in my hands
but i dropped it because you are my universe

do you understand?

  Jan 2017 Mayela
Some days I seem to care
Then the next I'm not fully there
And other days,
I'm a little in-between.

When I care,
I am entirely selfless
An angel, if you like
Helping the helpless

When I am not myself
I'm restraining the urge to demolish
To tear lives, buildings, the world down
You could say I'm demonic

And then
When I'm in-between,
Expect the best and worst
Of both versions of me
My moods define who I am, and when I am any one of these... personalities
Mayela Jan 2017
When you tell the truth you tell a story,
From your perspective only.
From my perspective only,
You're telling the wrong story.

If there's no truth in our storytelling then I'll keep telling the story until it comes true.

That's fully up to you.

You'll never know me,
And I'll never know you.
Based on the book "The voice of knowledge" by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills
Mayela Jan 2017
Heart is the headmaster,
Seems like there is an on coming disaster.
Mind is an abuser,
Can't see what's in the future.
Soul is the professor
There's a problem and an answer.
Body is a tumb,
Something that's just used.
Clamity comes when you're sleeping in your bed,
Thinking about all the love that you give.
What you receive only passes in your dreams,
Don't think too much,
It's not always what it seems.
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