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Nov 12 · 157
Milky Way
Max Vale Nov 12
so now she's gone,
up up and away.
my head was down on earth,
but my heart was in the milky way.
Oct 22 · 535
Max Vale Oct 22
Oh darling do you know what that's worth?
It's a shame we're a match made in heaven,
But we were on Earth.
Sep 29 · 332
Max Vale Sep 29
Were her eyes blue?
I can't remember.
Was it hot or cold,
August or December?
Did she have green eyes?
I still can't see her.
She's long gone,
Just like the weather.
Maybe she had brown eyes,
Just like leather.
But now she's left,
Maybe its for the better.
No she had gray eyes,
I wrote her a letter.
It got sent right back,
With a return-to-sender.
Sep 7 · 301
Max Vale Sep 7
i ran from monsters in the night,
from screaming demons in my mind.
i want my feet off off the ground,
its crumbling under me, the sound.
i reach my hands up to the sky,
maybe the angels will reply.
but its all silent.
Aug 20 · 56
Grandfather Clock
Max Vale Aug 20
you were always there
steady, reliable
stood there for years
never missed a beat
but you're getting older
the wood is beginning to wear
the pendulum is slowing
yet you're still going
the memories begin to fade
you still tick
but you can't remember my name.
It's hard seeing a loved one go through memory loss whether that be from dementia or other illnesses. My heart goes out to anyone in a similar situation.
Aug 8 · 1.3k
Max Vale Aug 8
sometimes it was like,
the sun was going to shine,
you by my side,
i didn't think life could be,
but fall comes,
and turns into winter.
its not only the weather,
that gets a bit colder.
Jul 5 · 238
Still Carries On
Max Vale Jul 5
the first time we met,
it was like touching heaven.
didn't know it yet,
but it was a dream worth living,
even if it was for a second.
because i still think,
i can see your smile.
even though,
you've been gone,
your smile still carries on.
Jun 12 · 93
Among The Stars
Max Vale Jun 12
you always seemed love the sky,
the moon, the sun, the stars.
they all seem to shine a little brighter,
now that you're shining among them.

Apr 20 · 64
Max Vale Apr 20
A new dawn arrives,
In a blistering red heat.
A small flame
Becomes a bonfire.
But alas it won't last
Fade into ashes and smoke.
Even brilliance
Becomes dust.
But tomorrow when
The moon sets.
The phoenix will rise.

Every day like a phoenix we are reborn into a new beginning. We only have 24 hours to do something. But even the things we build are temporary and will fade into dust. But tomorrow the ashes from today gives birth to a new phoenix.
Apr 19 · 161
Not With Me
Max Vale Apr 19
I'm not alone.
The wind still laughs with me.
The sun still smiles at me.
The ocean still waves back at me.

The wind's laughing at me.
The sun's smiling not because of me.
The ocean is not waving at me.
I am alone.
The world's a cruel place
Sometimes even when you're with others you still feel alone.
Apr 9 · 1.3k
Max Vale Apr 9
We grew up on the same street,
We blew dandelions into the sky.
We chucked shells into the blue sea,
Wondering what it would be like.

To grow older.

I came back to the same street,
It's not the same without you.
I can still hear the sound of your feet,
I can hear mine too.

Wish we didn't have to grow older.
Mar 9 · 378
Tell Her You Love Her
Max Vale Mar 9
I don't know,
If you know,
But she doesn't know,
That you love her.
tell her you love her before it's too late
Feb 11 · 839
Not Scared Of The Dark
Max Vale Feb 11
So let's run away together,
Ready, set, on your mark,
With you by my side forever,
I'm no longer afraid of the dark.
Jan 26 · 127
Max Vale Jan 26
Jan 2 · 83
Not Into Guys
Max Vale Jan 2
Oh god knows why
        I've been hypnotised
              By those eyes,
                     They're so bright
But I'm afraid -
She's not into guys
Dec 2020 · 80
Less Colder
Max Vale Dec 2020
When I get drunk,
And I am crying on your shoulder.
That's when I wish,
That the world was a little less colder.
Dec 2020 · 72
Max Vale Dec 2020
Sunflowers reach,
Up into the sky.
The sun is sparkling,
And so are your eyes.

Daisies are pretty,
Bluebells have style.
Lanterns are illuminating,
Just like your smile.

The ocean is vast,
You lift up my heart.
And just like my soul,
I hope we're never apart.
Dec 2020 · 108
Arrow From Above
Max Vale Dec 2020
You know I've been,
Waiting for your love.
I've been struck by,
Eros' arrow from above.
Nov 2020 · 82
Max Vale Nov 2020
Don't worry my dear,
The light will return.
To quell all our fears,
With its brilliant burn.
Scared of being forgotten
Nov 2020 · 99
Max Vale Nov 2020
Doesn't it ever drive you crazy?
That you did everything and he was lazy.
Nothing ever goes greatly,
And no one's been wanting you lately.
Oct 2020 · 173
Sapphires Are Blue
Max Vale Oct 2020
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I can't sleep at night,
Because I'm thinking of you.

I know this is bad,
You lost my letter.
But now its gone,
It'll never get better.

So rubies are red,
Sapphires are blue.
Making next time,
I'll end up with you.
Oct 2020 · 73
Into The Light
Max Vale Oct 2020
Don't worry,
That you lost me.
I'm gonna be alright.

Just hold me.
So tightly,
This one last time.

I'm going,
I'm leaving,
Into the light.
Oct 2020 · 337
Max Vale Oct 2020
On the outside,
I've never fitted in.
It's like I'm alright,
But there's a violin,
Playing in the background.
Why doesn't my voice,
Make a sound?
Why is everyone,
Never around?
Oct 2020 · 344
Blonde Hair
Max Vale Oct 2020
She's got that blonde hair,
Deep blue eyes.
It's like looking at,
If you ever see this, I like you
Oct 2020 · 347
Max Vale Oct 2020
Cuz I'll rather have you instead,
Than feeling so so depressed
Why can't you be my ecstasy,
Take all the pain away from me.
Maybe in another lifetime,
You'll be the one I call mine.
Because you are all I ever need,
Now it hurt so bad that you have to leave.
Double post haha sorry just feel sadly inspired
Oct 2020 · 230
Max Vale Oct 2020
We are all so depressed,
Wanting it to all end.
Want everything off my chest,
Waiting for the weekend.
It do get dark sometimes
Sep 2020 · 440
Someone New
Max Vale Sep 2020
My head was pounding,
The world was spinning.
I can't see my surrounding,
Pain is only beginning.

I could hear your voice,
You were weeping and crying.
In the background noise,
I could hear the medics trying.

The silence is creeping,
A sleep I can't escape.
My eyes were falling,
My vision full of shapes.

I'm sorry I didn't make it for you,
Hope you can find someone new.
Sep 2020 · 358
I Still Need You
Max Vale Sep 2020
You locked yourself away,
When we were fighting and screaming.
You refused to open the door,
When I was pounding and pleading.

The flashing lights came,
You were on the ground.
I was crying and praying,
For you to come around.

You looked lifeless on the bed,
Without you I'm incomplete.
The black raven bows its head,
I can't hear your heartbeat.

I still need you,
Please don't go.
Aug 2020 · 316
Please Don't Leave Me
Max Vale Aug 2020
All you see is darkness,
Your heart is lost at sea.
Can you hear me begging,
"Please don't leave me"?
Aug 2020 · 62
Looking Glass
Max Vale Aug 2020
Here I am on the other side,
Staring into the looking-glass.
Where I left my heart behind,
Wishing I could have it back.
Jul 2020 · 82
When You Were Mine
Max Vale Jul 2020
I just want to fade,
And roll back time.
Back to the days,
When you were mine.
Jul 2020 · 85
No Good To Me
Max Vale Jul 2020
Maybe I'll be better off with you,
Maybe then I'll be free.
But living life without you,
Is no good to me.
Jul 2020 · 64
Hate Being Lonely
Max Vale Jul 2020
Sometimes I hate being lonely,
On this cold and dark night.
Just need somebody to hold me,
And tell me its gonna be alright.
Jun 2020 · 80
Angels Don't Cry
Max Vale Jun 2020
Even when she falls,
She'll rise again to fly.
That's what she's been taught,
Because angels don't cry.
Jun 2020 · 89
Max Vale Jun 2020
We're not angels nor demons,
Just something in between them.
Jun 2020 · 130
Taking Off
Max Vale Jun 2020
And so we dispersed,
Lost her face in the crowd,
Boarding a plane,
She's taking off the ground.

Now she's in her seat,
Do you think of me?
I know I do,
Those beautiful eyes of blue.

The sun's come up,
It's another new day.
Up in the clouds,
She's slowly flying away.

Touching down,
We're back home.
Isn't it weird?
I've left my heart in Rome.

But we have to move on,
It's part of life.
Yet I still long to see,
Your face against mine.

Wherever we go,
We're under the same sky.
Hope we meet again,
Before we have to die.
A year ago I met the most beautiful at an airport on vacation. Probably the greatest holiday I've ever been on. I wish I could see you again, airport girl. Thank you for the best days of my life.
Jun 2020 · 77
On Vacation
Max Vale Jun 2020
My mind has been lost,
In translation.
Wish I could go back,
To where I met you on vacation.
Miss you Airport girl, its been a year
Jun 2020 · 131
Falling For You
Max Vale Jun 2020
I'll follow you if the road is burning
Even when death comes calling
Even when the world stops turning
I will never stop falling

In love with you
Jun 2020 · 83
Close Your Eyes
Max Vale Jun 2020
All these angels and demons,
Keep trying to chase me.
To get inside my head,
And into my dreams.
They're all I see.

But demons are weak,
And angels will cry.
And the monsters?
They can also die.

You can run,
But you cannot hide.
So don't be afraid,
To close your eyes.
May 2020 · 66
Just a Kid
Max Vale May 2020
I'm just a kid,
I don't know life.
All I know is that,
I've got to get it right.

Perhaps its the road,
Maybe a sharp bend.
But there's a reward,
Waiting at the end.

Sometimes the path leads you astray,
But that's OK.
You'll live to another day.
Let the demons go away.

I'll learn as I go,
The journey is enough.
Hopefully I'll have a chance,
To find true love.
May 2020 · 1.3k
To Fade
Max Vale May 2020
It's a long road,
And I'm on my own.
I'm scared of the things,
That I don't know.

As the night comes,
I look up to the sky.
I send a prayer,
Hoping my dreams won't die.

I wish my monsters will leave,
And the demons will go away.
I'm just begging,
For the darkness to fade.
May 2020 · 79
Why Did She Leave?
Max Vale May 2020
She told me she loved me,
Loved her like a princess from Disney.
Still wondering why she tricked me,
Why the **** did she leave me?
May 2020 · 92
Come Through
Max Vale May 2020
I'm lost in my imagination,
All my thoughts are thinking of you.
I've exhausted all my patience,
Why don't you come on through?
Apr 2020 · 93
Max Vale Apr 2020
People go,
People change.
Its OK.
To let go.
You're better off,
On your own.
Apr 2020 · 139
Pitch Black
Max Vale Apr 2020
In hopeless times,
Look for the light.
In pitch black,
It can shine so bright.
Mar 2020 · 71
Max Vale Mar 2020
Look how far,
We've grown.
Look how far,
We've changed.
Look how much,
I've lost.
Look what more,
I've gained.
stay at home squad :)
Mar 2020 · 91
I Love You So Bad
Max Vale Mar 2020
Moved out of town,
Went looking for you.
Where are you now?
You were gone too soon.
The past was then,
I made a mistake.
I wanna hold you again,
I wanna see your face.
I searched day and night,
You've been gone for so long.
Gotta keep it tight,
I gotta stay strong.
Nothing but you,
Can heal my heart.
You not being here,
Tears it apart.
The memories we had,
They'll never be gone.
I'll never forget,
Your favorite song.
It plays in my heart,
It echoes in my head.
I'll never give up,
Until I'm dead.
When I find you,
I'll hold you close.
I'll whisper in your ear,
"I'll never let you go".
Cuz -

I love you so bad
Mar 2020 · 115
Sorry You Lost Me
Max Vale Mar 2020
I don't wanna fall asleep,
I don't wanna shut my eyes.
Because every time I close them,
All I think about is lies.
The promises you made,
You said you loved me too.
But now you're gone our memories will fade,
Like all the love I had for you.
But I want to fall into bed,
After a very long day.
I want to feel your touch again,
Saying it'll all be OK.
Now I'm sad you're gone,
You never said goodbye.
And like all my dreams,
They'll surely fade and die.
But now we're done,
I hope you'll finally see.
There was no need to run,
I'm sorry you lost me.
Feb 2020 · 83
Empty Sadness
Max Vale Feb 2020
It hurts to me,
The way you smile.
Your eyes are full of empty sadness,
Because you haven't been loved in a while.
Feb 2020 · 146
Max Vale Feb 2020
Forget about the wolves,
That chased you today.
Just remember to hold on,
Tomorrow will be OK.
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