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We aren't supposed to be together
Because when we are
The whole world spins
I forget my words.. my mind
I say things I don't mean
I act a total fool
I trip over myself
And go head over heals
To the bottom
Of the bottle
 Oct 2016 Marie Love
Mel L
No escape
 Oct 2016 Marie Love
Mel L
There is no point,
   there is no end,
Once begins,
   continues again,

There is no cure,
   no easy fix,
No easy way,
   to get rid,

Once it starts,
   never ends,
Not just once,
   but never again,

There is no way,
   to run from it,
No way to hide,
   no way to rid,

Nothing to do,
   no way to escape,
Once it comes,
   this doom-your fate.
 Sep 2016 Marie Love
Lauren R
I can't sleep
without you crawling
into my mind
and under my skin
 Sep 2016 Marie Love
Nexus Sammy
In times of need
I remember being a kid
Go through my deeds
And let love lead
Take me to the seed
Seen not without ****
Often grown beside the bridge
Next to reeds
Just like the beads
I have decores on the fridge
Which can't satisfy my needs
Not knowing the lover's creed
Makes me feel like a rigde
Causing my heart to bleed
Destroying the desire to read
Craving to feed
I never new people could be this greedy
With all hope gone indeed
My problems i want to get rid
But all i am left with is to plead.
growing up means you have to start solving your own problems missing being young
The best place for the
scarred is a nice
uncleaned room;
with it are the few
necessary things he'll
need to keep
himself going.

He could go on for
days without having
someone to speak with
and frankly he'd be
much better that way
than putting himself
out there where everyone
is sickening and annoying.

What could have caused
this way of seemingly
irrational thinking
doesn't need to be explained.

As long as there are
******* and phonies
trying to take down
one another, and others
getting dragged along
their crap,
the world will never
fulfill the rest of our lives.
 Sep 2016 Marie Love
heads in the clouds but body with you
definitely got me mixed up this time around

second chances often disappoint but
people change all the time

forget what i said earlier about people changing
you've gone and left just like you always did
not sure why
it's you, not me

maybe third time is the charm
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