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Malin Eriksen Aug 2017
I will live every second
Follow my heart

Get lost
Find my way

Rejoice in sunshine
Dance in rain

Make mistakes
Make new ones


Life is for living, and life happens in the moment
Malin Eriksen Aug 2017
I could have lied,
I could have said I was wrong,
I could have said I made a mistake,
Then you would still be mine.


I told the truth
I said you were wrong
I said we were a mistake
And now you have moved on.

I regret my honesty
Love or truth
Malin Eriksen Mar 2017
Breathe in and breathe out.  
Can´t live without it

With every cigarette you smoke, you take part in killing a stranger.
With every car you start, you take part in destroying the last bit of fresh air.

Where are the birds that used to fly,
Where are the fish that used to swim,
Where are the children that used to play?
One day we will wish there was a clock whose hands we could rewind.
To the time, when it still was not "too late"

Now, at this very second, is the time to finally realize,
what it´s all truly worth.
Let´s not be the generation who "could" have made a change

Breathe in and breathe out.  
Remember that you can´t live without it
This poem is a reminder of the fact that it still is not "too late". There is still hope, but the possible future seems dark. Therefore we need to think about our actions, and perhaps take some action and actually do something to save the environment, to protect these children and to give the next generation a world where they can play and live their lives with the same possibilities as us.
Malin Eriksen Oct 2016
I´m gonna **** you,
cause you don´t deserve to live.
I´m gonna make you know pain,
cause that is what you're supposed to feel.
I´m gonna make an end to you,
cause the world is a better place without you.
I hate you! she screamed to the mirror.
  Sep 2016 Malin Eriksen
Alice Hay
Darkness. So small, yet so big.
Darkness. So peaceful , yet so scary.
Darkness. So beautiful , yet so terrifying .
Darkness. So empty, yet so fully.
Malin Eriksen Aug 2016
Sometimes it's not the answer that is wrong, but the question.
Malin Eriksen Jun 2016
Life is not allways just unicorns and rainbows, sometimes we will bump into some disgusting hot dogs and scary spiders on the road. In those times you just need to focus on the cute elephant outside your window, and you will be just fine.
I felt really down today and I decided to write a peom. And even do it makes no sence it cheered me up, so maybe it can lighten your day a bit to.
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