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Maddie Renee Oct 2016
My used to be second family sat behind us.
The walls of the courtroom beat me more than my heart could.
It was not my choice,
The order of protection was forced.
I was forced to tell the detectives what my parents wanted to hear.
All of this happened because I made a mistake.
I chose a blondie over a brown eyed beauty.
Now for a whole year my best friend is gone.
His family hates me.
Nothing will be the same.
Adams street will always be dull,
And when I walk down that street more moths are born in my stomach than the hope I told you too keep.
Now I hope.
I hope court didn't sever everything we had.
Straight up.
Nothing fancy. Just mere hope he sees it.
i know i'm not worthless,
i know what my worth is
but i'm willing to admit
i lost a sense of purpose
when i heard how you no
longer wanted my service
so until you change your mind
and call upon another person,
i will not surface.

© Matthew Harlovic
i hid cigarette
cartons from
my parents as
well as yours
because i knew
it was what you
wanted because
it was what they

© Matthew Harlovic
it does not
matter what
i do because
it does not
matter to you.

© Matthew Harlovic
i caught her glance
by happenstance
but haven’t chanced
the circumstance.

© Matthew Harlovic
remember when we laughed
until our ribs hurt on adam’s
street? that was our genesis.

© Matthew Harlovic
only a bic lighter
can raise my spirit.

© Matthew Harlovic
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