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Stardust Shower Dec 2018
we thought it'd work, it didn't.
Stardust Shower Apr 2018
you're a song that never gets old
a song that once was a hit back in 99
a song that i never get tired listening to
a song that brings back memories
a song that gives a nostalgic ambience

you're a song that keeps repeating in my head
a song that i can't forget
a song i jam to with my friends at a karaoke
and as much as i want to get rid of it
it is everywhere

it is played on the radio,
in dusk at the diner,
in the car on our midnight drives,
at the stores when we randomly strolled down the mall,
in the morning i got my heart broken

you're everywhere

and i can't forget you
Stardust Shower Mar 2018
i don't know
if i love you
as a man,
as a brother,
as a friend,
or as a human being
but i love you,
isn't that enough?

i don't know
if this love is
or even tragic
but i love you
and that's what matters.
Stardust Shower Mar 2018
some days when i wake up
there's a pitch black hole inside me
that makes me feel like
i don't belong here

some days when i wake up
it feels like a part of my soul
is wandering to places
to sad places

and has yet to come back
filling the void inside me
that makes me feel empty
and feel like i am not whole
Stardust Shower Mar 2018
some people want things
to last forever,
but forever does not even
last forever
and nothing lasts for all
so i'll let you have my now
if you let me have yours.
and if our nows don't
work forever, like everything
in this world,
you'll have had my then
whilst i'll have had yours.
it's ephemeral,
but it's beautiful.
Stardust Shower Feb 2018
On the edge of the shore I stood,
the waves hitting my feet roughly,
the wind being jealous.

Far on my left side,
was a lighthouse standing mightily,
unbothered by the waves and the wind
that were fighting for its attention.

Standing mightily, in spite of being alone,
like it was waiting for someone,
for something to happen.

The lights tell otherwise,
they were always flashing brutally,
like telling people not to come close,
like warning them they'd get hurt if they come close.

It looks blue,
with the colors that started to fade
on every side.

How does it feel to be a lighthouse?
Standing on the edge of two worlds,
with the waves crashing, with the wind blowing,
when the tide rises, when the tide falls.

Does it ever get tired?
’Twas noontide of summer,
  And midtime of night,
And stars, in their orbits,
  Shone pale, through the light
Of the brighter, cold moon.
  ’Mid planets her slaves,
Herself in the Heavens,
  Her beam on the waves.

  I gazed awhile
  On her cold smile;
Too cold—too cold for me—
  There passed, as a shroud,
  A fleecy cloud,
And I turned away to thee,
  Proud Evening Star,
  In thy glory afar
And dearer thy beam shall be;
  For joy to my heart
  Is the proud part
Thou bearest in Heaven at night,
  And more I admire
  Thy distant fire,
Than that colder, lowly light.
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