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Emma Nov 2018
half fake love
but it's half real
my mind is dizzy, don't know what to feel
sad waves come back to the shore
and when i leave you i come back wanting more
try not to think of you all of the time
but more often than not you slip into my mind
Emma Jan 2018
half-hearted hellos and incomplete goodbyes
completely myself but judged by silent sighs
at 3 am with no one to hear my cries,
depressed at the fact that my life's a lie
i'm like a bird that forgot how to fly
used to soar high in the skies,
but now on the ground
flightless i lie
I've been depressed lately because of personal reasons, so I haven't had any motivation to write.
Emma Oct 2017
All the "I love you"s
In the world
could not make my stone heart
beat again
and my love is like medusa
he looked at my heart and it
turned to stone
and crumbled under his gaze
falling into pieces on the floor
so tiny you can't put them back together
but only sweep them under the rug
and forget that my heart ever beat in the first place
Idk, the meaning is whatever you make of it
Emma Oct 2017
Porcelain face,
Scarlet dripping from your veins
too beautiful and vain
for this world it was pain
Porcelain eyes,
Make no disguise, Those glossy tears
they lie on your
porcelain cheeks
rosy red sheek
As you lay,
Like a porcelain dream
Emma Oct 2017
She cannot find words
to describe this hollowness inside her
as if her heart was carved out
and put on display
but everyone didn't bother take a second look
as they walked past her carved out heart
and they still had their own in their chest,
Pumping rythmically whilst she had not felt a beat for awhile now
but she did not ask for it to be removed,
it was simply stolen from her
By a boy with dark hair and a pale face
She'll never forget those crystal blue eyes;
as she could stare at them for days
Yet she's hollow now and his eyes were like the arctic,
Cold and indifferent
And it seemed as if he had never cared in the first place,
He just wanted her heart.
About a boy who stole a girl's heart
Emma Sep 2017
Lavender coloured tears
run down your pale face
as you look me in the eyes
and tell me i'm a disgrace
there's no emotion in your grey eyes,
not a trace
I walk away and say it's a closed case
when you tell me to come back
I pick up the pace
Emma Sep 2017
You seem saddened, They say
they don't have a clue
I tell them my feelings and they don't know what to do
If my emotion had a colour it'd be greyish blue
I only feel happy when I'm with you
and through all of the lies this is true
But I'm antique, and you wanted someone new
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