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Little Green Jun 19
Rise of the blood moon
I wake at 11:11
Then again at 12:12
I watch the solar eclipse at night
A burning sphere in the sky
Raging red at first
Then red is eaten by a blinding light
Illuminating clouds of silver haze

I stay on the rooftop for hours
Chin tilted to the stars
Feeling myself align
With the cosmos, space and time
Breathing deep and tuning in
To the Universe I am made of

I reflect, I am present, I dream
As the blood moon slowly turns
In its final minutes I sing
In a whisper of a voice
A lullaby for the moon
And feel our souls intertwine

Night becomes morning
I wake to my love
Our sensitive spirits merge
Our bodies become one
Slowly, slowly
Like the solar eclipse

I am reborn
Little Green Jun 17
I enter my own bubble
It lets me see the world with love
Spread my wings like a white dove
And soar above the seas

We make our own reality
Perhaps I am naïve
But, I love our world
With an untainted purity

I am a little green
Little Green Jun 16
Long ago
They had me think
That life
Was a straight line

A set of steps
That someone made
School, job
Marry, child

Now the possibilities
In this glorious world
Have exploded
In my mind

Many ways
To live on Earth
Many ways
To use our time

One day
We will be nothing
But the history
Of human-kind

So, each moment
We get to live
I find
Stupendously sublime

— The End —