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  Nov 2016 Liam
eyes like the forest
mysterious and inviting
draw me close
until i am lost.
  Nov 2016 Liam
We can never
rewrite history
and the future
is impossible to pen.

When the present
bears only anarchy
in the darkened,
tainted hearts of men.
  Nov 2016 Liam
its gonna make sense
we have
different perspective
in looking at

We are guided by our own point of view.
We judge according to our perception, philosophy and beliefs.
So don't talk if it is not necessary.
It may harm other people.

This has already been posted on my Facebook account. Heres the link;=100000722533030&set;=a.1292331727467566.1073741851.100000722533030&refid;=17&_ft_=top_level_post_id.1292331694134236%3Atl_objid.1292331694134236%3Athid.100000722533030%3A306061129499414%3A82%3A0%3A1480579199%3A993645753784453870&__tn__=E
  Jan 2016 Liam
Sam Y Starlight
..She tried to find herself
in places that didn't exist
Aaargh! Can't believe I won the daily! Thank you to everyone who liked and shared. Lots of love.
  Jan 2016 Liam
Max Jonas
Life is a huge prison,
My imagination endless as much as universe,
But you are unreachable still.
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