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Sep 2015 · 329
The Fox Said
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
"Relationships are important." The fox said.
" You create this bond between me and you
And though we must eventually part, this bond
Makes even the stars seem more brilliant and
Each rose more unique than the last"
You see, we were built to
Meet and part and meet again, over and over
And eventually we will part for good,
But that does not make the time we
Spent together meaningless, it is not
Wasted but we taught each other things
And felt things that no two others could
Ever think to teach or feel
So thank you
Sep 2015 · 623
It is Important
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
It is important to know
To have someone acknowledge
That your opinions and what you have to say
Whether it is something they disagree with
It still matters.
There is no need to qualify, to preface
What you as a person have to say
Your thoughts have value
You have worth
You're freaking brilliant. Let the world see that.
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
I will dance to the sound of your heart beating
It reverberates through my being, my soul
You think it is like all others, it is just a heart
But that's the thing, it isn't like any other
It is yours, and at times it beats fiercely
And I have the urge to fling myself, hair
Flailing like its own entity at you, leaping
But at others it soothes me more than the ocean
Calm, steady, over and over and over again
As I draw my legs up close to its lullaby,
Spinning myself to rest upon your chest
There are moments when it beats so painfully
So slow, so morose, as if the sadness that weighs
Upon it will crush its brilliant spirit, its passion
I will dance to remind you of your importance
I will dance to the beat of your drums
I will dance to the sound of your heartbeat
Sep 2015 · 573
I Find Much Enjoyment
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
I find much enjoyment in just being
In breathing in the moment
Whether it be one full of pain
Full of confusion and stress
Or one full of satisfaction,
Peace, or the purest of joys
Because what I feel is not what
Actually matters at all
What matters is that I am alive
And that I feel these things is
Merely proof that I am human
And if I love, I love as deeply as
I can and when it is gone I
Treasure the fact that I was
Given that experience even if
It was the most painful thing,
Even if it was never reciprocated
And if I dedicate my time to making
Something or contribute a piece of
Myself to a project it is never for
Recognition or to leave my mark,
It is merely because I enjoy spending
My time that I am allotted doing
Something I find enjoyable and
Worthwhile and if it also brings
Others joy or meaning is it not all the
More reasonable to continue as I am?
Sep 2015 · 334
There is Solace to be Found
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
There is solace to be found
In finding someone who understands
At least in some manner who
And why and how you became
What you are and has no
Problem telling you where you
Wrong but also how impossibly
Correct you are and expects something
Of you, yet understands if you fall through
For some reason or another and does not
Hold that against you but encourages you
To try again and knows how capable you
Are and how strong, how beautiful, how
Fragile your heart is, knows that you are
Infinitely more and worth so incredibly
Much more than you would ever accept

When the roof of your heart begins to
Crash down atop you and you feel
Yourself suffocating they let it fall on
Them so that you can breathe enough
To figure out how to prop it up again
Sep 2015 · 818
Her Soul is a Tree
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
Her soul is a tree growing ever strong and true
She digs deeper into life into love into faith into why  
Every day her roots push deeper with her eagerness
To know and to become

Her soul is a bold river birch tree, she is not afraid
To reveal her brokenness to the outside world
With each layer that peels off as she grows
More beautiful

Her soul is a blossoming cherry tree
Her sakura soul colors the surrounding world
With its wisdom and knowledge that it may
Soon be gone

Her soul is a graceful weeping willow
It is weighed down by a certain sadness and pain
Yet easily swayed by the playful breeze to dance again
In the sunlight

Her soul is an unchanging evergreen
Throughout everything she goes through
She stays strong and firm, she does not ever
Back down
Kimberly Lore Sep 2015
Do you ever get the feeling
That you are somewhere else
As you go through your day
You don't remember your name
And someone else must remind you
Who you are?

Do you ever get the feeling
That your skin is two feet thick
You're not experiencing life,
You're just a witness to it
As you pass through the walls

Do you ever get the feeling
Where your insides are jittering
A thousand miles an hour, jarring
Your soul and threatening to
Collapse and become a
black hole?

Do you ever get the feeling
That everything is so fleeting
That life is so short and everything
Has a certain pointlessness to it
And you feel lost and dull and
Want it to end?

Do you ever get the feeling
That although you are surrounded
There is no one who will
Take the time to understand,
Who will have the willingness
To open up and ask in a broken voice,

"Do you ever get the feeling?"
Aug 2015 · 488
I Fear That I Am Too Much
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
I fear that I am too much
That no one could ever see it all
That even I could not comprehend me
I have always been too easily
I fear that I am too honest
I tell when asked and
I answer all questions fully
When things need not be
I fear that I am too tough
I am not feminine enough
Violence is always an option
Words do not hurt me
I fear that I am too independent
I cannot help the way I was raised
In the middle of five children
I was surrounded yet
I fear that I am not capable of love
That all of these might hinder
Any progress before it has begun
That it might be lost, drowned within

I fear that I am too much to be loved
Aug 2015 · 429
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
The world outside her window is the same
Unbearably tame
Mile after mile
Tree after tree
It blurs with the sound of her heartbeat
It feels fake
Almost, as fake
As the perfect little house
And the perfect little yard
That her imperfect family resides in
That most people call home
She can't bring herself to it as she pulls off
Hurls herself through the woods
Along the thin dirt path
Up the grueling climb
To the top of the mountain
She finally pauses to breathe
As she exhales she grins
Effervescent and sighs
Aug 2015 · 340
Consuming of Heart
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Her heart is a black hole
It soaks up the surrounding life
Always curious, ever wanting
More adventure, more to love about this
Crazy, vast universe that surrounds
On rare days you can glimpse the
Radiant, blinding star it once was
Yet still overwhelmingly, breathtakingly
As it takes all of these
Immense moments after
Exploding with passion and emotion and thoughts and words to be
Be still and merely be
Before absorbing, compacting those memories
Into that deepest of meanings that she craves
Hoarding it within her heart
To begin with again someday
Aug 2015 · 543
I Do Not Want Peace
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
I do not want peace
Peace allots for too much time to think
I do not wish for wisdom
I have been trapped inside my head for far, far too long
I do not seek joy
It is fleeting and insubstantial
I do not require hope
I have plenty to spare, thank you

What I crave in the depths of my being is chaos
What I desire is life lived fully
I want to dance upon the rims of volcanoes
I wish for thunderstorms
Crashing upon my bare feet
I seek sunlight peeking through greenly leaves
I require adventure and extraordinary ordinaries
                 I want to breathe
Aug 2015 · 334
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Please, do not ask me about love
It is not for lack of willingness
But I do not know it
I have been a little too sheltered
A little too isolated to know it
Some tell me it it painful
"Be grateful"
It appears to be fickle
And often quick to depart
When it finds me
I pray that it is substantial and understanding
and worth it

Please do not ask me about love
I have yet to meet him
Aug 2015 · 682
Not Merely
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
She is not merely a bookworm
She does not read for pleasure
She reads to survive
She reads to distract herself
She reads to thrive
Her words do not collect dust upon the shelf.
She is a devour-er of books
Ink drips from her lips as she tries to
Contain the words that she bleeds
She exhales chaotic eloquence
Her tongue wrestles to wrap around words more
consumed than heard
Her mind races to find that one perfect
syllable to turn her phrase from
biting and bitter to
savory yet sarcastic
Her smirk is merely a collapsing floodgate
Words will soon flood free
Watch her eyes, you'll see
She is not merely a bookworm
Aug 2015 · 215
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Words. They won't stop
and I'm feeling nauseous because
the words won't  stop
and my brain will not let me be until I drain it of every drop of thought, squeezed from exhausted me and they are spilled upon the pages like a crime scene and
they will not stop
until all the wrongs become right and all the ink in my veins bleeds dry.
Words. They won't stop.
I feel as though they will crawl their way up my throat and scatter themselves carelessly upon the pages if I do not write them fast enough. They haunt me with their beauty and will consume me if I let them, swallow me within their inky depths and block out the sunlight. Words. They just won't stop.
Aug 2015 · 750
Not all is Lost
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Go, throw yourself into the sea.
Let the sky catch your cares.
Let the wind wipe your tears.
Let the waves caress your skin.
Let the water catch your fall and lift you up
until the sun kisses your face.
Not all is lost when thrown into the sea.
Aug 2015 · 396
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Man has always been drawn to the ocean.
Drawn to lose himself in the
Only to be pulled back to shore
Back to the mediocrity
To bake the moment of clarity
He found in the crashing of the waves
From his skin as it reddens in shame.

— The End —