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  Apr 2015 Kim E Williams
It rained
on the day
I left a note
on your windshield.
Kim E Williams Apr 2015
See them hiding there…behind
The ***-umptions
Peeking within the cheeks of clauses
Phantoms daring to pronounce
Your memories
Best forgotten and sullen
Pole dancing impressions on the axis of
Sliding silently along the line
From hip to ****
A cocked look from the slit ‘tween
Consonant on vowel
Know the no-nos
Whispering around conjunctions
Reminding you of other _unts
Too old or too young for sanctified hosts
Oh God…please don’t tell anyone
God knows and my poems…
My poems know your secrets
This one is a bit naughty...and more true that any of us want to tell. Yes?
Kim E Williams Feb 2015
When the snow comes

It's fur cloak of white
Muffling and blending plans
Cardinals become red birds
Sophisticated adult schemes
Fall to childhood dreams
In the American South, snow is an oddity. It interrupts our living. I'm glad.
  Feb 2015 Kim E Williams
Such luscious lips, with pinkish glow!
She's beautiful.

Her chapped lips,  faucet like,
cascade only words of kindness..
She's beautiful.

Such pretty,alluring eyes!
She's beautiful.

Her heavy-lidded eyes : a pair of lenses
capturing only great sharp shots,
they see clearly only the good in people..
They never despise.
She's beautiful.

Such a lovely, curvaceous figure!
She's beautiful.

Within the slim figure,  is a soul
who'll share her food with the hungry,
even if it means she'll be left with nothing
for dinner.
She's beautiful.

Beauty is only skin deep..
Inspired by a brief chat with a dear friend today and Audrey Hepburn's insights on beauty
'Look beyond the features, it is reflected in the soul..'
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